Obsession with Obama seeks to conceal hideous reality

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Donald J. Trump’s obsession with Barack H. Obama is beginning to look increasingly like a deflection of our attention from a hideous truth about the current presidential administration.

It is that Trump has presided over the most corrupt executive government branch at least since the era of Richard M. Nixon. Indeed, there is an argument being made that the corruption level of the Trump administration dwarfs what we saw during the Nixon administration.

More of Trump’s men have gone to prison than those who served time during Nixon’s time.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to insist that President Obama presided over the “most corrupt” administration in U.S. history. Of course, and this is no surprise, he seeks to tie Vice President Joe Biden to what he alleges was the corruption of the Obama years. You get that, right? I mean, Biden is about to be nominated by the Democratic Party to run against Trump this fall and at this moment Biden appears headed for a smashing victory.

We have a former national security adviser who has pleaded guilty to lying to authorities; a former Trump friend and “fixer” has just been hauled back to the slammer for violating the terms of his house arrest; other campaign officials have been cloistered behind bars; that includes the guy who ran Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Trump flails away saying that it’s all a “witch hunt” and a “hoax.” It is neither of those things. Trump has presided over an administration fraught with criminal activity … not to mention scandals involving all manner of accusations.

His defense? To deflect attention by suggesting that President Obama and Vice President Biden — of all people — sat atop the most corrupt administration in history.

Oh, and how many people were indicted or served prison time during the eight years of Obama’s time in office? None.

7 thoughts on “Obsession with Obama seeks to conceal hideous reality”

  1. Just hang on. More and more is coming out about Obama and Biden on Russian hoax. There’s also new transcripts released that show Clinton new Benghazi wasn’t about a “video” BEFORE the attack.

    There’s a lot coming out that you guys are going to do your best to cover up even more than it has been.

    1. Benghazi, Shmenghazi. The story is long gone. It’s been settled. Hasn’t anyone informed you that Hillary ain’t running for anything?

  2. I don’t give a damn if you think it’s over. The families of those killed don’t. I wish she’d go away. There’s been transcripts released where she states she knew of the attacks and why.

    1. I care about those families as much as you do, so you have no need to lecture me on that. As a matter of fact, Hillary has gone away; the only people dragging her back onto the stage are those who want to “lock her up.” Good grief. She’s explained in detail during hours and hours of congressional testimony.

  3. She also lied during testimony. The released transcripts show that. She may be gone, but one, she’s tried to remain relevant, and two, there’s still accountability.

  4. She has been a lot quieter since Bill’s girlfriend, I mean Epstein’s madam was arrested. ?

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