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Take a look at this!


Hey, everyone. Take a few minutes out of your busy day and read what I am posting with this ever-so-brief message.

It is the resolution that the House of Reps wants to enact calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, remove Donald Trump from the presidency and then serve out the remainder of the Trump-Pence administration.

House Resolution Calls On Pence To Assume Powers Of Presidency | 88.9 KETR

It’s a heck of a good read. Trust me on that.

Put ’em on the record


I suppose it’s time to face reality.

The U.S. House of Representatives is going to impeach Donald J. Trump for a second time, making him No. 1 in the annals of presidential infamy as the only POTUS ever to be impeached twice.

Trump certainly deserved to be impeached and then tossed out for soliciting dirt on Joe Biden from the head of a foreign government. That didn’t come to pass in 2019. The Senate acquitted him because only one Republican senator — Mitt Romney of Utah — had the courage to stand up against Trump and stand for the Constitution.

Now, though, comes the second impeachment on a charge of inciting an insurrection against the federal government. As Trump’s former friend/ally/confidant Chris Christie — the former New Jersey governor — said, if that isn’t an impeachable offense, “then I don’t know what is.”

The reality though is that the House impeachment won’t result in a Senate trial in time for Trump to be booted out of the White House. He’s only got 10 days to go before President Biden takes the oath along with Vice President Kamala Harris.

An impeachment, though, does have value. Once the Senate gets the articles of impeachment, House and Senate defenders of Trump will have been forced to explain why in the name of love of country they oppose impeaching and/or convicting him of the crime for which the House will contend he committed.

They all will cast their votes. Some of them might make public statements. Whatever the case, the public will know who these individuals are and will be able to hold them accountable for their statements and (in)action.

Trump’s inciting of the mob this past Wednesday is, as CNN commentator John Avlon noted, “history book stuff.” That single act will be written into our nation’s history, where it will stand forever as a testament to the ugliness of the time that we ushered with the election of Donald John Trump as president of the United States.

So, let’s have that debate, shall we? I am looking forward to laughing my a** off listening to those try to defend such despicable — and seditionist — behavior from the president of the United States.

These wounds won’t heal quickly


Let’s start with the obvious.

The wounds on our nation inflicted by the rioters who stormed the Capitol Building this week won’t heal any time soon. They will fester at least for as long as the nation remains transfixed on the doings of the man who instigated the riot: Donald John Trump.

I want the wounds to heal a soon as possible. However, I believe we need to remain vigilant and alert to what brought the havoc to the doorstep of our democracy.

Donald Trump will be gone from the White House in 11 days. The House of Representatives appears set to impeach for a second time early next week. The Senate isn’t likely to convene a trial in time to decide whether to convict him. Still, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will be in office on Jan. 20 and they can get right to work dealing with the issues that matter the most.

Like, oh, that pandemic.

Trump wants to remain a political factor. My strong hope is that if the House impeaches him and the Senate convenes a trial after he leaves office that senators can muster up some sort of nerve and approve a provision that bans Trump from seeking public office ever again. He has proved demonstrably that he is unfit for public office. I want the Senate to codify that unfitness with an outright ban.

None of that will silence the mobsters who stormed into the Capitol Building. They could surface again. Indeed, there appear to be threats that Trumpsters could demonstrate on the day that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take office. Our fondest hope should be that the D.C. police force is better prepared to respond to violence if it presents itself a second time.

Even as we allow time to lapse from the events of this past Wednesday we should be as alert to the rumblings from within our nation as we have continued to be to those we hear from terrorists abroad.

The rioters who stormed into the seat of our representative democracy are domestic terrorists who inflicted grievous damage on our system of government.

Donald Trump’s exit from the political stage cannot occur quickly enough. He’ll be gone, but the damage he and his followers have done will take time to heal.

Chaos reigns supreme!


Can there be a more telling example of the chaos that Donald Trump brought to the presidency than what is unfolding as he prepares to leave it behind?

Trump’s negotiating team, led by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, hammered out a COVID-19 relief package that includes a modest payment to eligible Americans, as well as extending unemployment insurance for millions of Americans impacted by the pandemic.

Yep, Trump’s team was involved all the way. So what does Donald Trump do when he gets the bill approved by bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress? He jets off to Florida and says he won’t sign it. He wants more than $600 for Americans; he wants $2,000!

I appreciate the Chaos Meister in Chief’s generosity. I am baffled by what it means for the bill that awaits his signature. If he doesn’t sign it, Americans won’t get a dime; unemployment insurance will run out; and the government is slated to shut down.

What the fu** is this guy trying to do?

Congressional Democrats are pushing for him to agree to the larger payout. Republicans are digging in against it. Trump is now putting GOP officials’ careers in peril if he continues to resist, which to be candid doesn’t bother me in the least.

What bothers the living  malarkey out of me is the peril that awaits those who need immediate help. Whether it’s in the form of the modest payment contained in the bill already approved or the larger amount that Trump is now demanding, none of it will get to where it needs to go unless Donald Trump pulls his head out of his a** and signs the legislation.

A lot of us feared this kind of chaos would ensue once Donald Trump took office. He is making his exit all the more chaotic … and welcomed by millions of us who await a real president to repair the damage that this clown is delivering.

Pardons make my head spin

(Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)


My head is spinning around like Linda Blair’s noggin did in “The Exorcist.”

Donald Trump handed out 20 presidential pardons for assorted crimes and criminals who committed them. They are an array of corrupt politicians, former campaign aides, former military contractors. They all have something in common: They’re all friends and allies of Donald Trump.

One of them really caught my eye. The POTUS pardoned former Congressman Steve Stockman, a two-non-consecutive-term politician from Southeast Texas who was in the middle of a lengthy federal prison term for assorted campaign finance violations.

Stockman is a buffoon. He’s a corrupt one at that. He also had the amazing good luck in being a member of the Contract With America Republican class of candidates in 1994. His luck played out when he defeated a veteran Democratic lawmaker, the late Jack Brooks, who at the time of his 1994 election loss was chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.

Former Rep. Stockman convicted … who’s next? | High Plains Blogger

I was at the tail-end of an 11-year run as editorial page editor of the Beaumont Enterprise when that stunner occurred. I left the Golden Triangle in January 1995 so I didn’t have the, um, pleasure of watching Stockman make an ass of himself from a ringside seat.

Stockman served one term before losing his re-election two years later. He then would be elected some time after that and served another single term before deciding to run for the U.S. Senate.

Stockman — along with the other pardon recipients — remains a convicted felon. I hasten to point that fact out. Indeed, the acceptance of the pardon only serves to admit wrongdoing.

So those who get the pardons will go to their graves as convicted felons. What’s more, Donald Trump will check out of this world eventually as the man who once again has abused the pardon power he inherited as president of the United States.

What awaits The Donald?

(AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)


A friend of mine who lives in Australia has strong feelings about Donald J. Trump. They are so strong, I at times am compelled to share them with you.

He wrote me this weekend to comment on the election and what might await Trump as he exits the White House. My friend writes, in brief:

I dearly, dearly hope that when Trump eventually leaves the White House and Inauguration Day is done, that he is arrested and paraded publicly in handcuffs on whatever multitude of charges currently await him.

The spell he holds over his followers and enablers has to be broken somehow. If not arrested, then humiliation through other means … bankruptcy and/or divorce … a very nasty, messy public divorce … “

Ouch, man!

I don’t expect that to happen. I don’t really even want it to happen to our former president. The “spell” to which my friend refer does need to break into a million pieces. How might that occur without having to send Trump to the slammer?

I happen to agree with my friend about the need to break that spell. My strongest hope is that it will dissipate once it becomes clear that a former president has none of the actual power of the current president and only can speak for himself instead of for the nation.

This might sound naive, but my hope would be that Trump’s relevance will evaporate naturally. I don’t hold out much hope that the Trumpkins will accept that their hero’s defeat came from a wholesale rejection of the man himself, his behavior, the manner in which he conducted himself while representing a nation full of citizens most of whom never endorsed his becoming president in the first place.

Then again, I could be proven wrong on this … just as Trump himself proved me wrong by being elected president in 2016.

Is reality setting in on Donald Trump?


Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, or maybe it’s real.

I could not escape the feeling today as I watched Donald J. Trump make his first public comments since losing the presidential election that reality is finally sinking in.

Which is that he lost the election and that Joseph R. Biden is going to take  over on Jan. 20 as the nation’s 46th president.

It’s only a gut feeling and, no, it has not a single thing to do with my trick knee. I was just struck by the notion listening to the subdued Trump discussing the Operation Warp Speed program his administration initiated to search for a COVID-19 vaccine that reality is staring him in the face.

Oh, he managed to take a few swipes here and there, at Pfizer for reportedly saying it didn’t receive any government assistance for the vaccine it is developing. I didn’t hear it but I understand he had an  unkind word for the president-elect.

However, by and large I detected a more somber tone from Donald Trump than I have been reading as he has unleashed the Twitter barrage since the election results produced a definitive answer to the future of the Trump presidency … which is that it is toast.

There also is news that he is withdrawing his lawsuit filed in Arizona against the state’s election officials for allegedly allowing illegal voters to cast ballots for President-elect Biden.

Yep, the end is near for the Trump presidency. I will resist feeling any sympathy for the losing candidate. He hasn’t earned a bit of it.

All I am feeling at this moment — right this minute — is happiness that the Trump cult of personality is on its way out of my White House.

Trump might concede … really!


I am going out on a limb just a bit with the following observation, so I hope the limb doesn’t break.

I am placing a scintilla of faith that Donald Trump, if he loses the election to Joe Biden, will concede the presidency to his challenger. He won’t necessarily do it in the type of fashion to which we have become accustomed, but he is likely to bow out.

I say this understanding that I am likely to be laughed out of the proverbial room. I’ll stick with my story.

Trump has blathered and bloviated incessantly about what he believes is a corrupt election process. He said he would contest any result that produced a winner other than himself. For that matter, 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has advised Biden against conceding a result if Trump ends up winning. I don’t believe Joe Biden will heed HRC’s goofy advice.

As for Trump, we all know he appears desperate to remain in power. Those who know him best advise the rest of us never to blow off something he says, that he is a man of his word. So, when he threatens to challenge an electoral result, we should take him seriously.

I stand by the notion that Donald Trump is as phony as the university he once pitched and is as phony as the billions of dollars he claims to possess in his financial portfolio. He is as phony as the success he touted on his way to winning the 2016 presidential election and he is as phony as pandering to the evangelical Christian movement that continues to hang on his every prevarication.

Do I think he actually would go through with a challenge if Joe Biden manages to score an indisputable Electoral College and actual vote victory next month?

No. I do not.

I believe instead he would make some sort of concession speech that acknowledges that Joe Biden won the election, but that he would promise to keep tweeting his brains out for as long as he is president … and well beyond.

As I’ve asked in previous proclamations, don’t hold me to this as a firm prediction. I am just going to harbor a glimmer of faith that some semblance of reason might prevail in that numbskull’s noggin.

Trump torches his britches


Donald J. Trump says he cannot remember if he got tested for the COVID virus prior to his debate with Joe Biden.

He cannot remember? Really? My goodness, his pants are ablaze.

Here’s the deal, dude. Ask your doctor! The man has a medical staff who get paid good dough to keep the commander in chief in the know about his medical condition.

Well, I don’t believe him when he professes ignorance about a test for a killer virus. Of course he knows. In the remote event he doesn’t actually remember he could place a call to the docs and ask them.


Shouldn’t POTUS know these things?


I want to ask a question that should have been asked of Donald Trump at the Miami town hall session he held last night.

Trump received a question about conspiracy theorists, such as QAnon — the right wing goofballs who back his candidacy for re-election. “I don’t know anything about QAnon,” he said. It’s a familiar dodge that Trump has employed whenever he gets asked about, oh, white supremacists, or the KKK, or any of the loons who want him re-elected.

The question that never seems to get asked is this: As president of the United States, arguably the most powerful position on Earth, shouldn’t you know about these groups?

Trump seems all too willing to fall back on some sort of “I know nothing” defense of what I believe is the indefensible.

What also is indefensible has been the media’s reluctance to challenge him directly on what to me looks like an obvious follow-up question.