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John Kanelis has been a career journalist who worked in print journalism for 36 years until the end of August 2012. His blog covers the entire range of issues, most of them serious, some of them not so serious.

He is an avid follower of current events and has no shortage of opinions to share with those who care to read them. You need not agree. He is unafraid to display his bias, and readers are welcome to share their own as well.

But John’s been writing as well about the joys of retirement. Perhaps you’ll relate to them. John lately has been telling readers of his journey through the pain of mourning the loss of his wife, Kathy Anne, to cancer.

Don’t be afraid to comment, telling John when he’s spot on or when he’s off the mark. Don’t worry, no offense will be taken — but all kudos will be welcomed. You might even get a response. If you’re so inclined, there might be some “conversation” worth having.

John married the girl of his dreams in 1971. They produced two nearly perfect sons — Peter and Nathan — and are the proud grandparents of two fine young men, Dylan and Logan, and of little Emma Nicole.

15 thoughts on “About John Kanelis”

  1. Well, I just tried to start a blog and I thought I had a great idea for a name-but you thought of it before I did. 🙂 Oh well, if you’ve been at it 36 years, I don’t feel as bad. All I have is an associate degree in broadcast journalism. I’ll think of something—I’ve enjoyed your posts so far.

  2. John, my name is Judy Hathcock. My husband Reagan and I have long been admirers of you and your columns for decades. After Reagan’s mom died in 2012, we moved to the DFW area (Grand Prairie/Mansfield). I have noticed that you are friends on Facebook with David Horsley and others with whom we usually agree. I still love to read your cogent comments. If I ask you to be my friend on Facebook, you will now understand why. I hope you will accept my Facebook request.

  3. I’ve followed your twitter feed for a while now and your observations have earned a place in my bagel/tea morning ritual, always enjoyed. Remember middlenight Enterprise parties?

    1. Thank you for following my spewage on Twitter. You are more than welcome to share it with the wider world. Enterprise parties? Damn right I remember them! We all were much younger then. Thanks again. Keep reading.

  4. Hi John, Thanks for today’s article. Please feel free to drop by our Origin Bank Branch for coffee and conversation anytime!! Godspeed, John Herndon

  5. John,
    Nice photo of you!
    Have been re-reading your old Beaumont columns (which I began after I wrote Ridding the Devils) and you’re stil*l a top shelf, thoughtful writer.
    I’m heading to Brisbane to catch up with former Vietnam War and Jakarta correspondents, but when I return I will write again.
    Meanwhile, Wikipedia has some material I’ve *written since we last corresponded. You would like my English version of The Sorrow of War.
    Frank Palmos
    Scarborough Beach, Western Australia.

  6. John .. just read your piece about Meghan Riddlespburger (sp?)… you gave her a hard time about leaving but she left Amarillo after the downtown haters started hating on her — like you she was sick of swimming against the tide in little A and left for the Metroplex.

  7. Just read your article in the Dallas paper on carrying guns in churches. Second amendment rights don’t end at the church doors. The gentleman who shot the killer in The White Settlement Church is a true hero who saved countless lives by his quick actions

  8. I am new to Princeton. I moved from Allen to here. I read some of your blogs. For most of the blogs, i found myself in your side. I like your blogs.

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