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Class-action lawsuit possible?

By John Kanelis / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

If ever there could be a case for a class-action lawsuit against a high-profile public figure, I am beginning to think that elections officials throughout this great nation might have one.

The former Slanderer in Chief has defamed the reputations of county, state and local elections officials everywhere by insisting that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged,” that it was fraught with “widespread voter fraud” and that it was “stolen” from him.

Class-action suits usually are filed by large numbers of people or groups who contend they have been damaged by allegations made in public that defamed their character.

POTUS 45 has done all of that, and more, by suggesting the 2020 election didn’t really deliver the presidency to Joe Biden, that the former POTUS actually won in a “landslide.” Has he produced a scintilla, a shred, a sliver, a smidgen of proof for any of this? No! He just says these things and others believe him.

I do not believe anything that flies out of the liar’s pie hole.  Nor should anyone else … but they do, to their shame.

I have known too many dedicated elections officials in counties where I have worked over nearly 40 years in daily journalism. They all take their jobs seriously. They all take an oath to defend the Constitution and have followed that oath to the letter.

I realize I am not King of the World. For that matter, neither is the former POTUS who once declared that “I, alone, can fix” what is wrong with the nation. The stark truth is that he hasn’t fixed a damn thing. Just maybe there might be enough justice left in this world for local elections officials whose reputations have been damaged to take legal action against an individual who embodies political corruption in its lowest form.

A silver lining in the vote fraud scam?

By John Kanelis / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

I want to make a declaration I never thought I could make, as it involves the 45th president of the United States, aka the ex-Moron in Chief.

All this scandalous nonsense about the security of the 2020 presidential election is going to produce future election cycles that no one is likely to be able to challenge at any level.

I credit the 45th POTUS for the security we will witness in real time of future elections: for president, for Congress, for state legislatures, for countywide office, for municipal and school district office.

Our attention has been riveted on the issue of election security. Granted, I do not buy for one second the veracity of the allegations that the 45th POTUS has leveled at the 2020 presidential election. I do, though, buy into the notion that our state and county elections officials’ alert levels have risen to unprecedented levels.

The future of our electoral system, I submit without reservation, actually looks brighter because we have spent so much time in this post-election period discussing the issue of ballot security.

I cannot begin to predict that there won’t be some crackpot in the future who will raise the noxious stink that POTUS 45 has raised since losing the 2020 election. He lost it bigly: 7 million ballots and a 306-232 tally in the Electoral College. He keeps yammering about vote fraud, but produces not a shred of evidence to substantiate his slanderous attacks on the electoral process.

There has been a positive result, though. I am quite certain the ex-Numbskull in Chief has elevated electoral security awareness all along the political chain of command. I have known many county clerks in Texas and Oregon who have worked themselves to near-collapse seeking to protect the integrity of the voting process. They have done their jobs well and with honor. Thus, they do not deserve to be slandered in the manner they have suffered from the mouth of POTUS 45.

They will no doubt redouble their efforts in the future.

I am certain our electoral process will remain secure, safe and legal.

Most corrupt election? Hardly! It was most secure

By John Kanelis / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

The 45th president of the United States likely did the nation a favor when he ran for the office in 2016.

You’ll recall how he suggested that the vote totals that Hillary Rodham Clinton received were the result of undocumented immigrants voting for her. He was wrong, of course. That didn’t happen. The 2016 election was not corrupt. Clinton, let’s remember, polled about 3 million more votes than the guy who won the election on the basis of his Electoral College victory.

However, the new POTUS then hired an individual — Christopher Krebs — to ensure the next presidential election would be secure. Krebs succeeded famously. The 2020 presidential election has been deemed by many to be the most secure in U.S. history.

So, why is the former Liar in Chief continuing to foment The Big Lie about corruption? Indeed, he fired Krebs after he made that declaration. I am left, then, to wonder why POTUS 45 would dismiss someone who did his job as prescribed.

I suppose it must be that Krebs didn’t deliver some kind of perverted message that suggested that despite the security, the protections against voter fraud that the wrong guy won the election.

Well, the right guy won. POTUS 45 lost a secure election. Yet he continues his quest to get it overturned. It is a shameful demonstration of egomania the likes of which no one likely never has seen in a former POTUS.

The ex-Imbecile in Chief keeps pounding on that drum. He can do so until hell freezes over. It won’t change the outcome, which happened to be a product of the ex-POTUS’s own making.

Go … figure.

What might ex-POTUS do if he loses again?

By John Kanelis / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

God Almighty might strike me dead for giving this a moment of thought, but here goes anyway.

What in the world might happen if the former A**hole in Chief loses a second time to President Biden in 2024? Will he declare that election, too, is “rigged,” that it is “fraudulent,” that it was “stolen” from him through widespread voter fraud?

Would he dare suggest such nonsense even if he were to lose in a monumental landslide, which I believe would be the result if we got a rematch from 2020.

You know already that I don’t foresee that scenario playing out. I don’t think the ex-POTUS is going to run. Nor do I think he would be nominated even if he were to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

But dang it, man! The question is worth asking only because when you ponder the weird machinations of the ex-Liar in Chief, well … damn near anything is possible.

No end to stupidity

By John Kanelis / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

There appears to be an endless supply of utter, abject and unqualified stupidity among American voters.

How else does one explain the so-called “audit” that continues in Arizona, where a group that calls itself “Cyber Ninjas” is examining the votes cast in Maricopa County for president of the United States in 2020.

The “audit” isn’t done yet. The nitwits are looking for “evidence” of vote fraud that resulted — they allege — in Arizona tilting in President Biden’s favor when the ballots were counted.

There will be no shifting of the state’s electoral votes from Biden to the idiot he defeated in the 2020 election. Nor will there be any “proof” delivered that showed any sort of vote fraud.

The stupidity, though, shows itself every time those dipsh**s suggest they are closing in on proving what they have alleged. Even more stupid are the gullible goofballs who believe what the Cyber Ninjas are suggesting.

They keep alive The Big Lie that their “hero,” the aforementioned disgraced, twice-impeached Republican ex-POTUS keeps muttering.

Meanwhile, the actual president of the U.S. of A., Joe Biden, continues to work with Democrats and Republicans in Congress on actual problems. You know, things like pandemic relief, infrastructure legislation, climate change, job growth, war and peace.

It’s time we pay attention exclusively to the real issues of the day, not the phony issues that occupy the vacuous skulls of seriously stupid Americans. If only the idiots would realize that their pursuit of vote fraud that does not exist only exposes their stupidity for the whole world to see.

It gives the rest of us plenty of reason to laugh out loud.

Where’s the fraud … Dan?

By John Kanelis / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

So help me, I cannot get my noggin past that idiotic offer Texas Lt. Gov.  Dan Patrick made some months ago to his fellow Texans.

He offered to pay anyone a million bucks if they produced evidence of widespread vote fraud in Texas during the 2020 presidential election. The offer has become part of the Republican legislative mantra as legislators seek to make it more difficult for Texans to vote.

The link between the offer and the GOP legislative effort is clear: Republicans insist there was fraud; no one has produced a shred of proof of fraud in Texas or anywhere else for that matter.

Patrick — who came into this world with the name of Dannie Scott Goeb (and I don’t know why I mentioned that, other than perhaps to illustrate this clown’s phoniness) — has made vote fraud an issue as he pushes the Texas Senate over which he presides to enact these restrictions.

Why, though, hasn’t Patrick produced proof? Why is he relying on some unknown Texan to provide the Legislature with proof — where none exists — of vote fraud?

The reason the lieutenant governor hasn’t delivered the goods is because there are no goods to deliver. It’s also why he hasn’t been forced to shell out the dough to anyone else who has proof of vote fraud.

It is another version of The Big Lie.

Lt. Gov. Patrick’s offer remains on the table. I do not expect anyone to come forward with proof of vote fraud. Which begs the question: Has the Texas lieutenant governor committed an act of treason — along with the former Nitwit in Chief — by challenging a free and fair election?

Big Lie believers: lost cause

By John Kanelis / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

As far as I know no one in my circle of friends or my immediate family members is a believer in the Big Lie fomented by the disgraced former POTUS and his legion of fruitcakes.

Accordingly, that saves me from having to do what I believe is an impossible task: persuading them that the Big Lie about “rampant voter fraud” in the 2020 presidential election denigrates our cherished democratic process.

President Biden won that election. He won a free, fair and legal process. It was certified by the Electoral College. There is no evidence to suggest anything approaching vote fraud on a scale suggested by the former Liar in Chief.

However, it became abundantly clear to me months ago that there is no persuading the cultists who follow that nitwit of the folly of their desire to overturn what has been called “the most secure election in U.S. history.”

And it is folly to the nth degree. 

The cultists have swilled so much of the Kool-Aid offered by their disgraced leader that there is no turning back. Just as the former Imbecile in Chief has demonstrated, the cultists are incapable — or unwilling — to acknowledge they are wrong.

They call themselves “patriots.” They are traitors to the Constitution. To the government they purport to love. To our country and its grand tradition of electoral security.

I just am happy that no one in my circle of friends and acquaintances has taken any form of ownership of the Big Lie. Were they to do so and were I to find out about it, well … our relationship would end on the spot! Guaranteed!

Solution needs a problem

By John Kanelis / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

It is troubling to me in the extreme that Texas legislative Republicans keep yapping about their efforts to make elections “more secure.”

I keep asking: More secure against what? Precisely?

They are pondering how to limit people’s access to voting. They want to reduce voters’ ability to vote because, according to GOP legislators, they want to guard against vote fraud.

Good grief, man! There is hardly anything of the sort occurring in Texas. Or anywhere, for that matter!

What we have here is a solution in search of a problem. Texas GOP legislators are concocting a pretext to stymie voters along the way. They profess to be fearful of vote fraud. Some of the loonier among them suggest the 2020 presidential election was fraught with fraud.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who runs the state Senate, offered to pay someone $1 million if they could produce any evidence of widespread voter fraud in Texas. To date, he hasn’t had to pay. Why? Because there isn’t any such fraud!

The Legislature is meeting in special session to enact a number of laws left undone during the regular session that concluded at the end of May. The so-called voter “reform” is little more than an effort to keep GOP politicians in power.

Legislative Republicans have sought to soften some of the harder edges on their overhaul plans. Yet they remain committed to certain provisions that appear to target minority communities and actually suppress voter turnout in upcoming elections.

Read the story here: Texas Republicans Have A New Voting Bill. Here’s What’s In It | 88.9 KETR

Texas legislative Democrats might try to bolt the state during the special session to prevent a quorum and, thus, stymie efforts to enact the legislation. I am one Texan who wants Democrats to do precisely that to end this blatant power grab.

Republicans who suggest they seek to end vote fraud are simply lying to those of us they serve.

Play hardball, Democrats

By John Kanelis / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

There are times when you have to go for broke if you intend to preserve what you believe are basic democratic tenets.

Texas legislative Democrats walked off the floor of the House of Representatives near the end of the Legislature’s regular session to prevent House Republicans from forcing a vote on restrictions to the state election laws.

Gov. Greg Abbott was so angry he decided to call a special legislative session that begins in a couple of days to enact those changes. The question now for Democrats is this: Do they hang tough or do they buckle? I urge them to maintain their unity in opposing these restrictions.

There needs to be a show of strength among those who say they cherish the right to grant all Americans the ability to vote. They say they favor greater, not lesser, voter participation. The 2020 presidential election produced a significant increase in voter turnout, which brought President Biden closer to carrying the state’s electoral votes than any time since the 1976 election, which Jimmy Carter carried the state en route to his presidential election victory.

GOP lawmakers want to limit early voting opportunities, they seek to ban people from delivering bottles of water to voters waiting in long lines to cast their ballots, and they want to make it easier for judges to overturn election results. And why? Because they have fallen for The Big Lie about “rampant vote fraud” where it doesn’t exist.

Texas Democrats have learned how to play the same game of hardball that Republicans have perfected over many years in Texas.

My advice to Democrats? Stay the course.

Thank you, Mr. POTUS 45

By John Kanelis / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

Dear Mr. POTUS 45 …

Let me stipulate right up front that I am glad you are no longer in office. I cannot even print your name in my blog and I have declared my intention to avoid doing so at all costs. Readers of this blog know to whom I refer when I mention Imbecile in Chief, or Liar in Chief, or Numbskull in Chief.

However, I want to thank you for this single thing, for exposing the fellow morons out there in public life who have sucked up to your ignorance, your naked narcissism and your utter absence of moral compass.

My wife and I had breakfast this morning with an acquaintance of ours in Dripping Springs, Texas. He is a radio personality in the Hill Country and he mentioned how Gov. Greg Abbott “isn’t a nice guy.” What prompted the critique? I suppose it is because Abbott has glommed onto your pronouncements about illegal immigrants, or your phony assertions about how liberals are trying to destroy the country and all it stands for.

It dawned on my wife and me that we owe that critique to you, Mr. POTUS 45. You have revealed Abbott to be a political jerk, just like you are! Oh, there are many others. The governors of Florida, South Dakota, Georgia, Arizona come to mind. Senators and House members scattered throughout Capitol Hill, too. They have bought into your phony vote fraud scheme. They all are adherents of The Big Lie.

Thanks for exposing them to all of us, Mr. POTUS 45.

I cannot believe I am about to say this, but … you have performed a valuable public service.