GOP might lose seat in House? Really?

Did I hear this correctly, that a rural Arizona county’s refusal to certify the 2022 midterm election result could cost the Republican Party a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives?

That’s what might be playing out in Cochise County, Ariz., where officials are declining to certify the results on the basis of phony vote fraud allegations.

The payoff could be, well, staggering!

According to Bloomberg News: That would flip the results of the race for Arizona’s Sixth Congressional District, where Republican Juan Ciscomani holds a 5,232-vote lead over Democrat Kirsten Engel in unofficial results, as well as the race for state Superintendent of Public Instruction, where the Republican candidate has a narrow lead.

An Arizona County’s Refusal to Certify Election Results Could Cost GOP a House Seat (

There you go. The MAGA cultists are so intent on proving a discredited allegation of election corruption that they are willing to sacrifice a Republican candidate for Congress.

Fine. Let ’em proceed! Let the rest of us laugh out butts off, too!