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932 days … and counting

This isn’t a boastful post, but it is one that calls attention to a streak I’ve enjoyed for a very long time.

For 932 consecutive days I have posted something on High Plains Blogger that might be of some interest to someone out there.

High Plains Blogger is taking a lengthy airplane right Tuesday morning, which might — perhaps, maybe — put that streak in some jeopardy. I will work to ensure it remains intact.

I am going to Nuremberg, Germany for two weeks. I will be visiting dear friends who invited me back there when they got word of my bride’s passing way. I’m taking them up on their generous hospitality.

My hope is that we don’t get too gabby and I forget to post something within a particular calendar day.

The gentleman who is hosting me is a journalist, so he knows about my deadline pressure. His wife works for the government, so she knows, too. They are wonderful friends and are the parents of three fabulous children, who have grown significantly — of course — since the previous time I was there in 2016 with Kathy Anne.

I do know this: my bride would insist I keep the streak alive.

So … I will.

Blogging invigorates me

I feel invigorated this morning. Why is that? For starters, I slept well overnight. Also, I have this blog to keep me fired up.

For sure I hit a spell when I wasn’t feeling really “into it.” I didn’t have writers’ block … exactly. To be truthful, I don’t think I’ve ever suffered from the ailment that plagues people who write for a living.

Indeed, I can recall when the writer’s floodgates opened up. It occurred right around 9/11, which is nearly 23 years ago … can you believe it?

With all that was occurring on all the continents on Earth, editorial writers and editors — such as me — were handed a plethora of topics on which to offer commentary. It hasn’t let up.

The world’s attention has turned away from the event that brought us that worldwide misery on 9/11. We have no shortage of issues on which to comment.

My noggin is full of ideas today. I don’t know if I’ll get to all of them before the sun sets tonight. Yes, I admit to hitting a bit of a slump not too long ago. I am over it now.

Accusations aren’t ‘false’

A critic of High Plains Blogger has accused me of saying things about the presumed Republican Party presidential nominee that are false.

Well, I am going to challenge that allegation with this brief post.

He writes: You bash Trump with false accusations and give credit to Biden where’s there’s very little credit to be given.

Nothing I have said about the presumptive GOP nominee is “false.” As for “credit” being given to President Biden, I’ll save that comment for another post.

I have said for as long as I have been writing this blog — and it’s been many years — that I do not mind criticism of its content; just don’t ascribe impure motives to me for expressing these views. They are mine alone and I take responsibility for them. As for my motivation, some folks over the years have questioned my faith, and my patriotism. I take a back seat to no one on either matter.

My accusations against the 45th POTUS are based on what juries have determined, what legally constituted prosecutors have said in criminal indictments and even on the visual record of video and audio recordings the world has seen and heard with its own eyes and ears.

The falsehood or the truth about any of it has yet to be determined in courts of law. My sincere and fervent hope is that we get to those determinations sooner rather than later.

I am just going to make this point one more time — and it likely won’t be the final time: The idiot whom Republicans will nominate for POTUS is unfit for any public office in the land.

900 in a row … and counting!

I am not prone generally to bragging about myself on this blog of mine, but I have to offer this tidbit for you to ponder.

Today marks the 900th consecutive day in which I have posted musings on this and/or that topic on High Plains Blogger.

Some friends of mine tell me they marvel at my prolific volume of commentary. I respond only with a simple “thank you” and this caveat: It’s what I do.

This blog has kept my mind alert and in the past year it has helped carry me through some intense emotional pain brought about with the loss of Kathy Anne, my beloved bride, to cancer.

I don’t file generally as many blog posts daily as I once did. I admit to slowing down a bit on that aspect of my productivity. However, every day brings a new challenge for me, offering me a chance to comment on news of the day … or just on life as I am now living it.

Stay with me, dear reader. There’s more on the way.

Frustration builds with each mention of his name

My frustration level is being tested by the news media that keeps reporting on the status of the Republican Party campaign for president of the United States.

It ratchets up a little with each mention of the GOP frontrunner’s name. I know the media talking heads cannot refuse to mention him — by name. It is left, therefore, for chump bloggers like me to boycott any mention of him. So … that’s what I am doing. If you’re OK with that, thanks; if not, that’s too damn bad.

My frustration stems from this guy’s position as the frontrunner. That he’s even leading the remaining challenger at all is enough to send me into orbit. He is unfit for public office, but you’ve heard me say that many times already on High Plains Blogger.

This clown, though, is not unfit in what passes for the minds of his MAGA cult followers. They continue to whoop and holler at the lies that pour of his pie hole and he continues to believe that most Americans are buying into them. Earth to The Former Guy: Most of us out here know all about the fraudulent nature of your career.

One of the options I am employing to put a curb on my frustration level is to turn off the TV news channels. I don’t watch much national news these days; I do watch the local folks who do a good job telling us what is happening in North Texas.

By all that is normal — or what we used to define as normal — the former Moron in Chief has no business leading a formerly great political party’s race for the White House.

But not a damn thing in this whacked-out political world of ours is normal these days.

Playing mind game with ex-POTUS

There might come a time when I’ll reverse course, but I hope it is no time soon.

The “course” to which I refer deals with my refusal to mention the name of the 45th president of the U.S. I am sick of him, sick of hearing his name, sick of reading his name, sick of his presence on the public stage.

For the foreseeable future you won’t see his name in print on High Plains Blogger. Hey, it’s my blog and I manage it anyway I see fit.

He was elected POTUS in 2016, at which time I declared my intention never to put the word “President” in front of his name. I recall one time doing so, but I was quoting another source to make a point about this fellow.

To be clear, I accepted his election in 2016 as being legally viable. I simply couldn’t — or wouldn’t — deliver him any measure of respect by attaching his name directly next to the term “President.” OK, it might have been small-minded of me. Some of my critics have said as much.

But you know what? I don’t give a rat’s rear end!

I am taking my visceral opposition to this guy to the next level. You won’t read his name on my blog. OK. I feel better now that I have explained myself.

Mojo creeping back

As it becomes evident, but far from certain, that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2024, I am feeling the pangs of my political mojo stirring in my gut.

I have had to set that all aside as I deal with personal grief and mourning. But … this is a blog born initially as a political forum. I am starting to feel the urge to dust off my rhetorical weaponry and weigh in more frequently on the happenings as they develop on the campaign trail.

Yeah, a lot of it will have to deal with that GOP moron seeking a third run at the presidency.

The English language doesn’t have verbiage that describes adequately the visceral feelings I harbor toward Trump. I have ranted, raved, skewered and slashed at Trump every way I know how during two previous presidential election cycles. A third one might await, although I am going to withhold judgment until we get the first criminal trials in which Trump is a defendant out of the way.

My political juices, though, are beginning to flow.

You know what? It feels kinda good.

Blog keeps me active

The most prideful thing about writing this blog rests in a single statistic: the consecutive days I post something that is distributed into cyberspace … and beyond.

As this item is posted, it will mark the 783rd consecutive day in which I have had something to say about anything in this good ol’ world of ours.

The blog, though, has another benefit that I cannot measure with mere statistics.

It keeps my brain functioning. That’s an important matter to consider, given that my dear mother passed away at the age of 61 from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. I have read that there is a certain hereditary aspect to this killer disease, so the longer I can keep my brain active, functioning and alert to the news of the day the better, I figure, are my chances of hanging on for a good while longer.

I soon will turn 74, which means I will have outlived my parents by a good bit; Dad died in a boat wreck at the age of 59.

My consecutive-day streak never has been in danger. I can find something to write about any day of the week. The only change one can see in this blog is the number of entries I have been posting each day in recent months. They have dwindled partly because I have had a bit of trouble focusing on the day’s news in the wake of the passing of the first true love of my life, my dear bride Kathy Anne.

Glioblastoma — an aggressive form of brain cancer — struck my bride with sudden savagery in late 2022. She received her diagnosis on Dec. 26, 2022, and was gone the evening of Feb. 3, 2023. The resulting journey I have undertaken since that terrible moment has restricted my blog activity.

The blog, though, in many ways has been a life-saver for me. It has enabled me to share portions of my journey with you. The love and support I have received along the way have sustained me.

And it has enabled me to keep my streak alive!

The streak will continue for as long as I am able to string sentences together. As will my journey.

Expect the unexpected

Life can teach us lessons we never learn in a classroom, as I am discovering as I take baby steps toward re-entering the “dating” marketplace.

One of them is that today’s world of high-tech Internet manipulation bears no resemblance to the Dark Ages, which was the last time I was an active participant in the worldwide “dating game.”

A word to the wise, therefore, is in order: Do not take a single word of flattery that comes to you from someone you’ve never met seriously. Be cautious, be careful, be suspicious until you can ascertain whether the “contact” you have made is legit.

I posted an item on High Plains Blogger that declared my intention to return to the social world known as the “dating environment.” I am still heading on that portion of this journey I have been on since the passing of my dear bride, Kathy Anne, to cancer.

I have known a couple of things about myself all along. One is that I haven’t “dated” anyone — other than my wife — for more than 50 years. I’ll just say it out loud: I am rusty. I never was a “ladies man,” even when I was much younger and full of those juices that make young men take off in hot pursuit. Thus, I was painfully shy around women.

It’s a new world out there, I am learning. It is fraught with peril. Oh, for a simpler life … except that era is gone forever.

Blog performs priceless function

You know already that I love this gig of writing a blog, so much so that I have just crossed the 700-day mark.

Seven hundred consecutive days of posting a commentary on High Plains Blogger! I consider that a big … deal, if you get my drift.

I get a particular question from time to time, which goes like this: How are you able to write so frequently? My answer is that I do not know or why that it happens. I am prone to respond simply that “It’s what I do and it’s who I am.”

I’m not boasting about it. I merely want to call attention to this streak because, in a manner that many of you will understand, it has served as a form of therapy for me since I experienced the worst day of my life.

Feb. 3 came and went. The day began with my dear bride struggling to regain consciousness after suffering a grand mal seizure about six days earlier. The day ended with a phone call from the hospital telling me Kathy Anne had “just passed.” The glioblastoma lesion in her brain took her from us and it shattered many hearts.

I have sought in the months since then to tell the story of my personal journey through this darkness. My family and I are going through it together, but as a form of therapy, writing about this passage has given me strength. It helps clear my head … along with the road trips I have been able to take with my trusted companion, Toby the Puppy.

I likely would have continued this streak without the tragedy that befell us but since we have been dealt this hand, I am continuing to play it for as long as it is reasonable.

I want to thank you for reading it and sharing it when the spirit moves you.

Seven hundred consecutive days of blogging means a great deal to me. It happens to mean even more as I am able to continue to use this forum as a guide path that leads me toward the light.