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What about this young man, Mr. POTUS?

Donald J. “Football Cheerleader in Chief” Trump tweeted out his congratulations to a young man from Ohio State University, defensive lineman Nick Bosa, for being the No. 2 overall pick in the National Football League college draft.

Hey, it’s a big deal, right? Sure it is!

Then there’s this item that has gotten a lot of attention on social media: Bosa is a known supporter of the president and he reportedly has “liked” posts from white nationalist groups on Facebook. Hey, that plays right into Trump’s wheelhouse, not to mention that Bosa has been critical of Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who instigated the “take a knee” movement to protest police treatment of black citizens.

Oh, and what about the young man who was drafted ahead of Bosa? That would be Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray of the University of Oklahoma. The president hasn’t offered Murray any congratulations. Nothin’, man!

D’oh, I almost forgot: Murray, who hails from just down the road in Allen, Texas, is African-American. Did I mention that Bosa is white? Well, I just did.

I just have to wonder, coincidence . . . or is there something else at play here? I know what I believe. I’ll leave it for others to draw their own conclusions.

How do you ‘prepare’ for NFL draft?

I do not understand this development, so someone might have to explain it to me.

Will Grier, a top flight quarterback for West Virginia University is the latest top-tier athlete to forgo a football bowl game to “prepare for the National Football League draft.”

Let’s ponder that for a moment. The Mountaineers are going to play a game against Syracuse in the Camping World Bowl.

Grier received a scholarship to play football in Morgantown, W.Va. The school paid for his education. The school’s fans packed the stadium to watch Grier play QB. So now he wants to exhibit his loyalty to the school by skipping the team’s final game of the year?

To prepare for the NFL draft? What in the world do these guys do to prep for a draft? Spare me the excuse that they are seeking to prevent career-ending injury; that event could happen at any time of the year.

Royce Freeman, a running back at Oregon, stiffed the Ducks a year ago. So did Christian McCaffrey at Stanford a couple of years before that. These high-profile athletes occasionally bail on their schools to, um, get ready to be drafted.

I keep circling back to a series of questions: What in the world do these fellows do to prepare to have their name called as a member of an NFL franchise? Do they run wind sprints in their front yard? Do they practice blocking and tackling in the garage? Do they, um, memorize play books?

Moreover, is there no more loyalty to the schools that shell out good money to pay for their education?

How does one ‘prepare’ to be drafted by the NFL?


I once thought Christian McCaffrey was a pretty cool kid, a great athlete and apparently a stellar student at Stanford University.

He has been a key part of the Stanford Cardinal’s football success. His team is going to play in the Sun Bowl.

But wait! McCaffrey isn’t going to join his teammates. Why? He says he wants to devote his entire energy to “preparing” for the upcoming National Football League draft. Meanwhile, his Stanford teammates are going to do some actual training and prep for their Dec. 30 game in El Paso against the University of North Carolina.


I always thought McCaffrey was a team guy. He always lauded his fellow Cardinal players for the success he enjoyed on the field.

Now he’s going to quit on them to get ready for the NFL draft? Is he hurt? No. Does he have any emotional problems that force him to take his mind off of football? Uh, no again. He’s healthy at all levels.

Let’s see. Doesn’t one just sit by the phone on draft day and wait for a call? Someone has to explain a few things to me. How much preparation is involved with that, young man?