Queen Elizabeth: constant is gone

It seems odd for me to believe this, but as I watch this morning the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, I am struck by the realization that for my entire life she was among those world leaders who remained a constant presence in my life.

Now she’s gone … forever.

I am not a “royalist.” Nor do I fixate on the comings, goings and happenings with all the members of the British royal family. I was saddened, certainly, by Diana’s death 25 years ago, but I got over it. I have been chagrined by the Andrew’s behavior, but I’ll get over that, too. The so-called rift between Harry and the rest of the clan? Pfft! That’ll pass.

Queen Elizabeth II, though, has been front and center of all things British for almost my entire life, which means that for as long as I have been aware of anything other than my immediate needs as a toddler, she’s been well, just there.

King Charles III is now the man, the head of state. It’s going to take some time for Charles III to assume the role of ever-present figure on the world stage. He might not live long enough to achieve the status that his “mummy” assumed.

I just am filled at this moment with a strange sense of something — or someone — missing from my conscious thoughts.

It has to be Queen Elizabeth II. I’m going to miss her.