Law and order party? Hah!

There once was a time when Republicans across the country were proud of their party’s stand in support of police officers, police agencies and their quest to enforce the law in an orderly society.

Law and order? That was the Republican mantra. That was then. These days? This is the party that has just issued a censure punishing two GOP members of Congress and whose chairwoman has declared that the 1/6 riot on Capitol Hill was a demonstration of “legitimate political discourse.” The censured lawmakers — Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger — were slapped down because they are serving on a committee that seeks the truth and stands for the rule of law.

Oh, I now shall add that the treasonous insurrectionists attacked Capitol Police officers on Capitol Hill, injuring several of them, killing one of them.

Has the Republican National Committee condemned that act? Has it censured the rioters? Has it backed the congressional committee that seeks to find the truth behind what led to the riot, what happened during the event and how to prevent future events from occurring.

I damn near tossed something at the TV set this morning when I heard GOP Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas accuse Democrats of “politicizing” the riot of 1/6. Good ever-lovin’ God in heaven! The riot was a hideous political act that was aimed at stopping the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

What’s more, the traitors who stormed the Capitol Building trampled over police officers whose duty was to protect the members of Congress who were targeted by the mob!

Why in the name of enforcing the law don’t Republicans in Congress stand up for those men and women and against the traitors who sought to do them harm?

Law and order party? My rear end!

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