Trump is back? Good grief!

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By John Kanelis /

Donald J. Trump might be set to re-enter the political arena.

He is a disgraced former POTUS who got hammered in his bid for re-election in 2020. Trump faces possible criminal indictments in New York City and Fulton County, Ga. He’s got a huge debt of $400 million coming due. He continues to foment The Big Lie about the 2020 presidential election.

You know all about The Big Lie. It’s the one that suggests that President Biden won because of rampant vote fraud. Except there was no such fraud. Biden won fairly, squarely and bigly.

Trump signals he’s ready to get back in the game | TheHill

But the ex-POTUS is going to engage in some political rallies. He’ll lend his voice on behalf of Republican candidates running in the 2022 midterm election.

His hijacking of a GOP only demonstrates how far the party has fallen. Trump is a classic Republican In Name Only. The man has few actual political friends, just a cabal of officeholders and contenders who fear what can happen to them if they cross Trump.

To think that one of them, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, says “no one” questions Biden’s legitimacy as our commander in chief. Uh, Earth to McCarthy … Donald Trump questions it.

He wants to be a player in the midterm campaign.

Sigh … 

I want the blowhard/carnival barker/ex-liar in chief to disappear.

5 thoughts on “Trump is back? Good grief!”

  1. Besides hurt feelings, Trump didn’t have crisis after crisis like Biden has put us through.

    And no, COVID wasn’t Trump’s fault.

    1. I never have said Trump caused COVID. I only have commented on his hideous response: downplaying its deadly nature publicly while knowing privately that it could kill hundreds of thousands of us is reprehensible beyond belief.

      1. Yet when he tried to stop it early here in the United Stares, he was called a racist and mocked by the left! One actually did a publicity stunt in China Town.

        Where’s your article blasting Biden on our downgraded economy, jobs loss, souther border, Russian hacking, failure to support Israel, finding Iran who funds Hamas, etc., etc., etc.

        1. His effort was a cluster fuck from the get-go. I didn’t buy into the racist stuff, though. The economy is not “downgraded.” So get off that one. And Biden supports Israel. To suggest he doesn’t is pure BS.

          1. You are hilarious thinking economy isn’t suffering! How has Biden supported Israel? Why not quit giving money to Iran? How’s that for a thought? I wonder who put sanctions on Iran and we didn’t see many problems in the region, coincidence? I don’t think so.

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