New POTUS = new style


Donald Trump’s single term as president of the United States seemed as we were living through it like the longest four years of our lives.

Even now, looking back, I cannot get over the prolonged misery of enduring his constant Twitter tirades, his nonsensical encounters with reporters, his endless string of epithets and innuendo.

He’s been away from the White House for 40-something days. It still seems like an eternity, yes?

Which brings me to my point, which is that President Biden’s style remains a refreshing change from the idiocy that Donald Trump brought to the presidency.

Biden lays low. He lets the experts do the talking, such as those with whom he surrounds himself to discuss COVID-related matters. He doesn’t contradict them or, as in one infamous instance, call an expert epidemiologist such as Dr. Anthony Fauci an “idiot” because he said something Donald Trump didn’t want to hear.

It remains a marvel to my eyes and ears to have placed the presidency in the hands of someone who knows the rules of the game and does not seek to shake things and people simply because he can.

We haven’t returned to completely normal behavior. We’re still fighting that pandemic. One aspect of our lives has been restored to what we used to envision, which is that our president is able to behave himself in a manner befitting the high office he occupies.

2 thoughts on “New POTUS = new style”

  1. Your second paragraph says it all. You didn’t like his personality. Now, tell us how he hurt our country on policy? The best economy we’ve had in years, less troops on harms way, energy independent for the first time in decades, lowest unemployment for all races in decades, fewer illegal border crossings, stopped North Korea and Iran from nuclear testing, brought thousands of jobs back to America. I could go on and on.

    He hurt your feelings with mean tweets, so you ignored the good he did with policy.

    Biden isn’t doing anything but being hidden and protected and killing jobs, ruining women’s sports, giving China, North Korea and Iran more power over us again, opening borders, on and on and on. Why else hasn’t he done a press conference? He doesn’t know how to answer the questions. Joe ‘what am I doing here’ Biden is a puppet and probably won’t last even one term. He’s the reason Democrats made changes to invoke the 25th amendment.

  2. Trump said we’ve have a vaccine before the end of the year and you guys laughed. Without him, we’d be in a hell of a lot worse shape. Democrats would let the system dictate the recovery instead of pushing for us to do better. His warp speed certainly is something to applaud.

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