Hoping to unpack all the lies

This is likely an unreasonable expectation, but I will express it anyway.

It is my hope, at least, that those who want to see Donald Trump defeated for re-election can unpack all the lies he has told during his brief time in politics and expose the man who told them as a fraud who is unfit for the office he occupies.

Take it away, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Trump no doubt will pile a load of more lies onto his huge pile of prevarication tonight when he speaks to the faithful scattered on the White House lawn. The location of his partisan speech, of course, creates a whole other set of ethical — and maybe legal — concerns.

I have chosen to look away from Trump tonight when he accepts the Republican presidential nomination. He lies incessantly and relentlessly. The GOP convention has ignored the multiple crises that are enveloping the nation: the coronavirus pandemic, the Black Lives Matter rebellion, climate change, the Gulf Coast hurricane.

Trump will tell us it’s all going just swell. It ain’t.

He will lie repeatedly tonight. He will seek to portray Joe Biden as a tool of the far left, which of course is utter nonsense.

I expect there to be some serious examination of the lies Trump has told and will tell again and again. I have no hope of persuading the committed cultists who have bought into the baloney that Trump dispenses.

It’s those undecided voters, or fence-straddlers who need to be persuaded that the nation cannot afford another four years of this individual’s lying.

There is just so much to unpack, to reveal, to expose. Good grief. It might be too much for the voting public to consume.

I do want to see this effort unfold that seeks to reveal finally the fraudulent nature of this man’s political existence.

I turn it over to you, Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris.