Waiting on you, Trumpkins

I have a number of friends and family members who voted for Donald J. Trump in November 2016.

I love them all. I don’t let their politics interfere with my personal feelings toward them.

I also keep hearing in media reports about those members of the Trumpkin Corps who are changing their mind, how they are (a) going to write in the name of a candidate or (b) going to vote for Joseph R. Biden Jr. this coming November.

My network of friends and family members is fairly extensive. So I am entitled to express puzzlement why I am unaware of any of them doing what I keep reading about others. I haven’t heard a word from any of my Trumpkin pals if they are abandoning their hero.

Are they just so loyal to this guy that they cannot understand the damage he has done to the office he sought four years ago? Have they swilled the Trump Kool-Aid, becoming members of the “cult of personality” that Trump has formed within what used to be known as the Republican Party?

I’ll be candid. My hope has been that as they have read my musings about Trump that they might have changed their mind. Perhaps my friends are loyalists to a cause they deem to be worth their loyalty.

Oh, well. I cannot get too critical of their beliefs or their adherence to them. I, too, am an equally loyal Never Trumper. 

Still … I can hope.

2 thoughts on “Waiting on you, Trumpkins”

  1. That’s interesting. What I’ve been hearing from numerous Trump supporters I know across the country that have been polled, is they are answering Biden just to mess with everyone, the media primarily.

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