This really has been Trump’s ‘worst week’ as president

Donald J. Trump has had so many “worst weeks” of his presidency that I have lost count of them.

There was the week when he supported Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s denial that Russians attacked our electoral system in 2016; or when he attacked our allies at NATO and threatened to pull the United States out of the seven-decade-old military alliance; or the time he accepted responsibility for shutting down the federal government; and let us not forget the week in which he said there were “fine people … on both sides” of an uprising that included Klansmen, Nazis and white supremacists on one of those sides.

Well, this week really has been … um, terrible!

Democrats in Congress are preparing to impeach the president. They have launched an impeachment inquiry over allegations that Trump asked Ukrainians for help in bringing down a potential political foe. What’s more, he seemed to hold up a congressional approved military aid package until such help would be forthcoming.

Yes, this really has been Trump’s “worst week” as president.

Might it get even worse than that? Oh, sure. He could actually be impeached. He could stand trial in the Senate. He could be convicted of “high crimes and misdemeanors” and kicked out of office.

This week, though, stands apart from the other “worst weeks” that Donald Trump has suffered.

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