Some trends just defy understanding

I try like the dickens to be a modern man. Really. I do.

However, there are things and people I see during the course of the day that make me shake my head in wonderment at what they do, what they wear, how they are wearing it and … oh, you get the picture.

This morning I went grocery shopping at a supermarket around the corner from the house and witnessed a young man in front of me. What I saw simply boggles my mind.

You know how young men wear “baggy” pants that droop off their posteriors, correct? Well, this young fellow’s pants had fallen totally off his backside. His entire underwear-clad buttocks were exposed to the rest of the world to see and, I guess, ogle if they were so inclined.

Yep, there are some cultural “norms” that simply go way over my noggin. I don’t get ’em.

There once was a time when I wasn’t much younger than the fellow I saw this morning when we would poke fun at seeing boys’ underwear. We had a goofy grade-school, junior high sing-song we would recite about what we saw.

Oh, we thought we were so clever. I guess that no longer applies these days.

What in the world is next? Will young men eventually no longer feel the need to wear outer clothing? I mean, what was the point of this young’n even wearing pants when he exposed his rear end to astonish old folks like me?

Oh, the humanity!

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