‘I inherited a mess’; no you didn’t, Mr. President

Donald J. Trump wouldn’t know a “mess” if he slipped and fell in the middle of one. Indeed, he hasn’t yet acknowledged the┬ámess he’s created since becoming president of the United States.

The president said today at his hastily called press conference that he “inherited a mess” from President Barack H. Obama.

Really, Mr. President?

Let’s see: 80 consecutive months of job growth; millions of jobs created during the past eight years; an annual budget deficit that’s been cut by two-thirds; a vibrant housing industry; the Dow Jones Industrial Average has nearly tripled in eight years; commandos killed Osama bin Laden; other terrorist leaders have been killed or captured; we have avoided a major terror attack; Iran has been banned from developing a nuclear weapon.

A mess? Are you kidding me?

Barack Obama and Congress cleaned up the mess they inherited and left you with a country in far better shape than when your immediate predecessor took office.

No, the country’s not in perfect condition. But it’s no “mess,” man!

Paraphrasing the famous “Saturday Night Live” routine involving Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin in their┬áhilarious point/counterpoint spoof: Don, you ignorant shlub!

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  1. Most definitely did NOT inherit a mess. He’s just reiterating the same horse manure his supporters yelled about for eight years of the leadership of a good and decent man and his family. How I miss the kindness of President Obama. He sought to bring peoples of the world TOGETHER, not build walls and sow seeds of discourse! His embrace of education and intellectualism and TOLERANCE MADE OUR COUNTRY STRONGER and more esteemed in the eyes of the world. I am afraid the world is laughing at us NOW! What we have NOW is a mess!!

  2. Mr. Kanelis,

    Both of us are within spittin’ distance of 60 and are educated enough to write at least servicably. So we both know that, while the president may submit a budget, the House appropriates, the Senate “ratifies” (and amends), and committees from both houses work out a compromise at the end.

    (the POTUS may veto the whole mess – has any of them ever done that?)

    Still, Pres. Obama inherited the biggest economic mess since FDR.

    I found a series of deficits here (along with GDP and population figures):


    I also used a series of CPI figures to adjust for inflation:

    (spreadsheets rock)

    Quick and Dirty summary:

    RWR – 8 years – FY 1982-89 – average deficit (2012USD) = 371-Billion – % of GDP = 4.1% – GDP growth = 3.3%
    BUSH41 – 4 years – FY 1990-93 – average deficit (2012USD) = 426-Billion – % of GDP = 4.1% – GDP growth = 1.1%
    Bubba – 8 years – FY 1994-01 – average deficit (2012USD) = 0.2-Billion* – % of GDP = 0.1% – GDP growth = 2.9%
    Dubya – 8 years – FY 2002-09 – average deficit (2012USD) = 499-Billion – % of GDP = 3.3% – GDP growth = 1.6%
    Barry – 8 years – FY 2010-17 – average deficit (2012USD) = 795-Billion**- % of GDP = 4.9% – GDP growth = 1.9%

    * Clearly, WJC is the champ for deficits (along with Gingrich’s House in the latter half)
    ** Clearly, BHO is a “champ”, too – but of a different kind.

    Another critique of president Obama is that we’ve had moribund growth under his watch. Such “blaming” is as unfair as giving credit to any president for most broad economic outcomes.

    Still, look at GWB’s 1.6% growth figure (with GOP majorities in the latter half) – essentially as poor as BHO’s 1.9% – so much for a “moderate” “compassionate” conservative.

    You might like to perform your own investigations, Mr. Kanelis – which is why I offered the HTML links.

    Have a Great Weekend!

    PS – send email and I’ll reply with the excel file. I presume your blog organ will give you that.

  3. As for employment, job growth, and the like (another “broad economic outcome”) valid credit/blame for these also do not really accurse to the POTUS.

    I would like to hear American Journalists report the unemployment rate PLUS the so-called discouraged worker rate. The figures for these, expressed as a % “working-age” Americans, seems to me the far more valid figure.

    I once found the “official” term for that sum (or rate) – but damned if I can remember it – perhaps you can help?

    Again, Have a Great Weekend!

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