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Tex Randall gets a plaque

Tex Randall has joined a lengthy list of roadside attractions that now have the imprimatur of the Texas Historical Commission.

I’ll refer to him as “Tex,” given his size.

Tex happens to be a statue that looms over U.S. Highway 60 in Canyon, Texas. The Historical Commission has unveiled a historical plaque that takes particular note of Tex’s significance to the Texas Panhandle.

Tex stands 47 feet tall. He weighs about 7 tons. He’s been standing alongside the highway since the 1950s. He recently received an extreme makeover. He got whitewashed and his limbs were strengthened. Then he got a fresh coat of paint depicting some new duds.

I certainly like the idea of putting a historical marker next to Tex.

I had the pleasure of writing a series of stories for KFDA NewsChannel 10 about these historical markers. Texas has tens of thousands of them along many thousands of miles of highway. I was able to learn about the Battle of Adobe Walls, Charles Goodnight, Woody Guthrie and a whole host of other events and colorful characters who helped shape the Panhandle’s history.

OK, so Tex isn’t a real guy. He’s just a gangly statue. However, he’s seen by a lot of people every day as they pass through Canyon. According to KVII-ABC7: “Texas has the largest historic recognition program in the country,” said Richard Bowers, Chairman of Randall County Historic Commission. “They’re to recognize important historical sites or where events occurred within the state and to be an arm of education for those outside and for our own people.”

Here’s the ABC7.com story.

I’m going to make a point of stopping at the marker next time I pass through Canyon to learn about Tex Randall’s historical significance to the region.

Stand tall, Tex!

Goofy Canyon statue makes SI news

Intriguing, to say the least.

Tex Randall, that gangly statue that looks as though it’s about to collapse onto U.S. Highway 60 in Canyon, has become the backdrop for a most interesting photo shoot.


A Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is seen perched on one of ol’ Tex’s boots.

What an, um, interesting location to shoot a swimsuit babe.

SI has made a serious name for itself with its annual Swimsuit Edition. Some mighty fascinating young women have graced the cover of the magazine known for its coverage of, well, sports. I think of Elle McPherson and Christy Brinkley immediately. I know other famous super models have sprung toward stardom after appearing on the SI swimsuit cover.

SI shot Tex’s boot as part of a Route 66 tour. As my friend Karen Welch noted in her article in the Amarillo Globe-News, U.S. 60 isn’t all that close to Route 66, which runs east-west through Amarillo. But I guess it was close enough to suit the editors at SI.

As Welch reported in the Globe-News: “The group made no guarantees any photo involving Tex Randall would make the print or digital editions.”

Hey, does it really matter? It’s good to know the editors at SI found something to accompany a photo of one of its models.

Meanwhile, keep standing tall, Tex.