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Lock ‘n load, the ‘invaders’ have arrived!

I hear the first of that massive force of foreign “invaders” is beginning to arrive at our nation’s southern border.

Perhaps you have heard about ’em. They consist of families fleeing oppression and repression places like Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala; they’re also escaping from drug cultures that infect Belize.

But according to Donald John Trump, these “invaders” also comprise killers, rapists, sex traffickers, drug dealers along with “Middle Eastern” terrorists intent on spreading havoc, mayhem and misery across the United States.

That’s why the commander in chief dispatched thousands of military personnel to our border. He wants the troops to stem the tide of the “invaders.”

Is this where I say that the massive invasion force has trickled to virtually nothing as it has arrived along our border? Well, I just did.

The president sought to parlay some misplaced fear of these hordes into votes for his fellow Republican politicians seeking election and re-election to the U.S. House and Senate in the midterm election. As the results continue to come in post-election, it appears that the message was lost on voters who flipped the House from GOP to Democratic control.

Since the midterm election, I should add, the president has clammed up on the “caravan” of “invaders.” He has turned his rhetorical fire and fury on bogus — and evidence-free — charges of voter fraud and electoral theft in Georgia and Florida.

Meanwhile, the horde of criminals and terrorists has … um … been relegated to last week’s news.

Except that the government is spending a couple hundred million dollars to shore up our southern border against an “invasion” of families looking to escape horror in their homeland.

I can think of any number of ways to spend that money better. How about, for instance, rushing aid to the victims of the California fires?