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By all means, ban those ‘flavored’ vape devices

Get ready for it. I am about to say something positive about the president of the United States.

Donald J. Trump is absolutely correct to call for a ban on the sale of those “flavored” e-cigarette devices (I think that’s what you might call ’em) in an effort to stem the use of vaping among youngsters.

The president today spoke of his own vested interest in the banning of them, noting that he and first lady Melania Trump are the parents of a teenage son who is part of the generation that is drawn to those weird flavors.

Actually, the president referenced the first lady exclusively, saying “she has a son” and, thus, has skin in the game.

Whatever. He is correct to demand stricter prohibitions regarding vaping, which is producing serious illness and death among youngsters all over the country.

My wife and I are in Bellingham, Wash., tonight and local news reports referred extensively to the state’s first vape-related death.

It’s an epidemic. Its most vulnerable victims are gullible youngsters, boys and girls, who are lured to try this new fad. I always thought e-cigarettes and vaping were somehow safer than the old-fashioned cigarettes I used to smoke.

Now this vaping craze has produced flavors: cotton candy and other assorted scents that I guess young people find appealing.

Honestly, I don’t quite yet understand the vaping craze … other than I want no part of it. I quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey nearly 40 years ago. It is one of the things I’ve done in my life of which I am most proud.

If we can dissuade young people from vaping and exposing their lungs to the hazards of nicotine, then I’m all for that, too.

To that end, I applaud the president for using his high office for a noble cause.

Caffeine addiction takes firm grip


This blog is billed as a venue for discussion of “politics, public policy and life experience.”

Thus, I have a life experience to share.

I am trying to wean myself — more or less — of caffeine. It’s much harder than I thought it might be.

I went all day Sunday without caffeine. Truth be told, I was a bit out of sorts. I suffered from a dull headache for much of the day. I swallowed some pain pills twice before going to sleep last night.

I’ve known all along about the addictive qualities of caffeine. I consume it mostly through coffee. I love the taste of coffee in the morning. I don’t drink the stuff usually past 10 or 11 a.m. After that, I’m good for the rest of the day.

My wife and I keep hearing about how caffeine dehydrates you and how that, by itself, is bad for the body. At my age, at least, I need to do whatever I can to protect the only body I’ve ever had.

So I’ve decided to cut myself off from caffeine.

Now, understand this: It’s not a complete, cold-turkey break — such as what happened in February 1980 when I quit smoking cigarettes.

The circumstance is different. I didn’t enjoy smoking. I took no particular pleasure in inhaling smoke into my lungs. I just did too much of it and it sickened me to the point of declaring, “That’s it! I’m done!” I crumpled the pack of weeds and tossed ’em into the trash.

I’ve been smoke-free ever since. Thirty-six years. I’m proud of myself.

Coffee is different.

I enjoy a cup o’ joe in the morning. Even two, maybe three or four cups of it.

I just have to curtail my consumption of it.

My wife reminds me that there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with having a cup or two of coffee each day. I get it.

Thus, my life isn’t going to change so dramatically that I’m going to declare my body a Caffeine Free Zone.