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Judge to unseal part of affidavit?

Call me surprised that the magistrate judge who issued the search warrant to allow FBI agents to look for evidence in Donald Trump’s home has indicated he will unseal part of the affidavit the feds produced to persuade him to act.

I thought he should keep the affidavit secret, that it would jeopardize the investigation into whether Trump broke any laws when he squirreled classified documents away from the White House.

Right wingers, along with Trump, argued that the judge, Bruce Reinhart, unseal all of it in the name of total transparency.

He appears to be splitting the difference.

Trump’s legal woes enter yet another protracted phase – POLITICO

My hope going forward is that the Justice Department will be able to continue in its pursuit of the truth behind the 1/ 6 insurrection; so will the House select committee examining that assault on our democracy … at Trump’s behest.

This is a hyper-sensitive case that needs, in my view, hyper-sensitive eyes and ears that protect the evidence against those who could use it against the government’s pursuit of the truth.