Any other kind?

Driving around North Texas as I do damn near daily, I see street corners and highway intersections festooned with campaign signs promoting candidates for this or that public office.

It’s election time, after all.

One mantra is part of almost all the signs I see crowing for the benefits of Republicans seeking election this year.

They call themselves, almost to a person, “conservative Republican.”

I am compelled to ask myself: Is there any other kind of Republican?

Suppose you happen to be a Republican who, say, is pro-choice on abortion. You believe a woman should be able to determine — with advice and counsel from her partner, her doctor, her clergy — whether she wants to carry a pregnancy to birth. Does that wipe away any other conservative views you might have on, say, taxation, or gun-owners’ rights or government spending? What about same-sex marriage or whether schools should be allowed to display the Ten Commandments?

In this day of political rigidity, any variation from every conservative tenet labels one, apparently, a “woke” liberal, a squishy progressive who secretly believes in socialist economic policy.

When I see these “conservative Republican” captions on campaign signs, I am left to presume the candidate also adheres to the MAGA dogma promoted by the most recent POTUS. My presumption, therefore, allows me to believe that to be a “conservative Republicans” means you endorse the idiocy preached by the former POTUS.

I recall when a Republican president, Richard Nixon, endorsed the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. Another Republican POTUS, George H.W. Bush, promoted the Americans with Disabilities Act, which became law in 1991. Still another Republican, President George W. Bush, invested more public money to fight HIV/AIDS than the rest of the world combined.

On the Democratic side, some of you might recall that U.S. Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson was a staunch supporter of the Vietnam War effort in the late 1960s. That didn’t make him less of a Democrat than any of his colleagues who opposed the war effort.

“Conservative Republican” these days looks for all the world to describe just about anyone willing to run on the GOP ticket for public office. In North Texas, the political playing field is swarming with them.

One thought on “Any other kind?”

  1. It appears you look for any little thing to attempt to blast Republicans. Yet, you ignore Democrat BS like the NYC mayor giving illegal immigrants money instead of taking care of his own citizens. Trying to say it will help the economy. That’s the stupidest crap I’ve ever heard. Well, second stupidest crap. Letting illegal migrants out of jail after attacking police officers would be number one. You have a lot you could write about if you wanted to enlighten your readers besides nonsensical things about Republicans.

    Hey, maybe write something about Biden’s conversation with a dead Prime Minister, or freezing up when talking about hostages and Hamas. It was obvious he couldn’t remember Hamas’ name until a reporter reminded him. It’s now over 75% of Democrats don’t think he’s competent to run the country.

    I guess you’ve lost that journalist drive I assume you once had. Or, has it always been one sided?

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