Hey, GOP: Why change of heart over documents?

Congressional Republicans have a lot of explaining to do … imagine that!

They have declared that Donald Trump’s purposeful theft of classified documents weren’t worth their time to investigate. Nor is his refusal to cooperate with Justice Department subpoenas to turn the documents over to the National Archives, which he was required to do when he left the White House in 2021.

Now we have a Democrat, President Joe Biden, who’s been caught with far fewer classified documents stashed at a think tank and also at his home in Delaware. Biden has vowed to cooperate fully with DOJ officials. Yes, the White House has been sloppy in answering questions about how the documents drifted from the White House to these off-site locations.

But now the GOP members of Congress want to launch a full-blown probe into this kerfuffle, which bears virtually no resemblance to the mess that Trump has created with his own classified document pilfering.

What the hell?

Hypocrisy is alive … and all too well on Capitol Hill!


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