How will Trump be remembered?

Events in my personal life have taken my mind mostly away from current news events … but I do want to offer a brief comment on something that has me wondering.

How will the nation eventually recall the single term as president of one Donald John Trump?

Presidents who seek a second term but lose that effort have faded away. Some of them have forged fine careers and lives after their defeat.

I am thinking of Presidents Herbert Hoover, George H.W.  Bush, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. They all lost campaigns, conceded to the winners, accepted their defeat and then entered private life. Some of them did good work that benefited others. Presidents Hoover and Carter come to mind as men who found new life after serving in public office.

Donald Trump? Wow! How in the world is this guy going to be remembered? He likely won’t build a presidential library. I cannot imagine him being honored with a presidential portrait that would hang in the White House. Will he do anything at all to help the underprivileged or underserved? Hah!

He hasn’t yet conceded that he lost his re-election effort. He likely is going to be indicted for some crime he allegedly committed.

I would call it a tragedy that his single-term legacy has been damaged. Except that he has done the damage himself.

Not a damn thing is “normal” about this guy. His political career began seemingly as a prank. Then he won the 2016 election in what I consider to be the greatest political fluke in U.S. history!

Donald Trump has squandered every single opportunity he ever could have had to be remembered with any sort of fondness.

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