AG shows his anger

Merrick Garland doesn’t strike me as an individual who usually wears his emotions on his shirt pocket.

However, today he demonstrated an angry streak that, frankly, I found reassuring. The attorney general took dead aim at those critics on the far right who have leveled bizarre accusations against the FBI, accusing agents of “planting evidence” at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

President Barack Obama wanted Garland to take a seat on the Supreme Court. He nominated the former D.C. Appeals Court judge to the court in early 2016, only to be stymied by Senate Republicans.

Now he’s the nation’s AG and is investigating whether Donald Trump broke the law in seeking to deny the transfer of power from the Trump administration to the administration led by Joe Biden, the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

U.S. Attorney General Garland confirms FBI investigating Trump (

Garland is working against considerable blowback by the right-wingers among us. They are threatening him with congressional persecution. They have accused federal agents of planting evidence at Trump’s glitzy resort.

The AG fired back today, reminding us that the men and women who work for the FBI are patriotic professionals and that he will not tolerate the agency’s enemies leveling the kind of accusations they are leveling at the FBI.

Think of the irony. Republicans long have been associated with the belief that law enforcement is the friend of Americans. Now they are vilifying the FBI. Why? Because they are examining whether the far-right’s guru, Donald J. Trump, has broken the law.

The far-right wingers among us are exhibiting a shameful demonstration of hypocrisy as they denigrate the FBI and threaten the attorney general.

AG Merrick Garland should not have felt compelled to defend the men and women who protect us every single day against those who would do us harm, but he did so today … and he made me proud.