Puppy Tales, Part 96: He is the best … ever!

Normally, when I offer a Puppy Tales installment it is to brag about something new in Toby the Puppy’s life, a revelation that he delivers to us, a new example of just how smart and adorable he is.

Not this time. Instead, I am offering this brief salute to Toby the Puppy by commemorating an event that is fast approaching: the eighth anniversary of the moment he joined our family.

I won’t belabor the details of the event itself. I do want to salute Toby the Puppy for being just about the perfect addition to our family.

He’s now eight years of age. He was five months old when he came home with our great niece in early September 2014.

Toby the Puppy has been, to put it as clearly as I can, a total riot ever since. He has brought us great joy through the love he displays to my wife and me every … single … day. He quite literally jumps for joy when we mention our granddaughter’s name in his presence. We tell him Emma is coming over and he can hardly restrain himself.

Our puppy has been the most joyful addition to our clan than I can even imagine.

Puppy tales, Part 3 | High Plains Blogger

I just wanted to share the good news with those of you who have told me that you enjoy hearing about his exploits.

The even better news is that Toby the Puppy is at the tippy-top of his game.