Rep. Cheney stands on principle

(Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

Liz Cheney is doing a bang-up job trying for all she’s worth to make me dislike her less than I did before she decided to stand for the U.S. Constitution and disavowing the cult that has taken over the Republican Party of which she is a proud member.

The Wyoming congresswoman is serving as one of two GOP House members on a select committee charged with getting to the bottom of the 1/6 insurrection that sought to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Rep. Cheney voted along with a handful of other Republicans to impeach Donald Trump after he incited the terrorists to storm Capitol Hill. She has stood tall, straight and firm against the cultists who occupy the vast number of GOP seats in the U.S. House.

Has she gone soft on her conservative principles? Hardly. She still criticizes her Democratic House colleagues. She still votes against President Biden’s domestic agenda, his Build Back Better plan for infrastructure overhaul.

But you know what? As a good-government progressive, I am not as angry with Rep. Cheney for voting her conscience and her principles as I otherwise might get. It’s what she does. It is what she is continuing to do as she wields the cudgel against POTUS 45’s phony Big Lie theory that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

Cheney has begun scolding her GOP colleagues for their blind fealty to their cult leader. She warns them that their blindness will dissipate someday and they will find themselves governing a country they no longer recognize … if they are not careful.

I am highly unlikely to give money to Cheney’s re-election campaign in Wyoming, even though whoever is challenging her in next spring’s GOP primary will presumably by one of the cultists who bow at the feet of the 45th POTUS.

Instead I am going to hope that enough Wyoming Republicans can see it within themselves to send Cheney back to represent them as a principled Republican. Rep. Cheney took an oath to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution, which is precisely what she is doing by fighting against the rebellion led by a twice-impeached former president and his cabal of sycophants.