Supply chain woes: Who saw this coming?

Could anyone on this good Earth have foreseen that “supply chain” trouble that has gripped us as we seek to recover from the pandemic?

I recall hearing not a single thing looking forward about it as we struggled to come to grips with the COVID virus that has killed more than 700,000 Americans. I recall no analysis. No crystal ball-gazing. No suggestion that this would await us as we fought to restore some normal activity to our lives.

Yet here come the recriminations. President Biden is getting hammered over this latest issue, not to mention the other matters that have plagued him.

I won’t blame the current president. I won’t lay any blame on his predecessor, Donald Trump. There were enough crises occurring in real time that no one could have predicted with any semblance of certainty that we would have trouble receiving goods and services once we started our way back from the peril.

The criticism now seems cheap and unnecessary.

One thought on “Supply chain woes: Who saw this coming?”

  1. LOL, as usual not much research done before writing.

    At least you didn’t resort to name calling. 😳

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