Patrick’s ‘bounty’ payoff affirms refusal to give money

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has affirmed for me why I generally do not give money to political candidates.

Campaign finance law allows them to spend it foolishly, as Patrick has just done by shelling out $25,000 to a Pennsylvania poll watcher who caught a single individual voting illegally in that state in 2020.

Patrick had promised to pay as much as $1 million to anyone who could prove “widespread voter fraud” in the 2020 election. He has sent just one check, though, totaling 25K to the poll watcher.

You see, there isn’t any “widespread vote fraud” to be found. Not in Texas. Not in Pennsylvania. Nowhere, man!

Which brings me back to my point. The money came from Patrick’s campaign stash. If I had given money to Patrick’s campaign, I would be damn angry that he is spending a dime of his campaign money for this kind of foolishness. It comes from the pockets of those who believe in a candidate.

It boggles my noggin to think that anyone who gave to this blowhard’s campaign would actually endorse his writing a check for a single case of someone voting illegally … in another state!

2 thoughts on “Patrick’s ‘bounty’ payoff affirms refusal to give money”

  1. I respect you John. If you are somehow trying to imply 2020 was in any way legit. Come on man. If you can’t make it to a poll. Handicapped. Disabled. Mail it in. If you go out and harvest votes from neighborhoods where people could care less about anything but a food stamp check or a quick way to get high. I cry foul. There were most likely mail in ballots counted from people who could not name the candidates for cash. Thank you Stacy Abrams. That can’t and most likely will never happen again.. Voter fraud may not be rampant. Voter harvesting from random names may be the story of 2020. China, Wuhan, Stacy Abrams and social media are the reasons for the 2020 election results. Pre planed riots and massive mail in ballots are so 2020. Probably won’t happen again for awhile.

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