Pandemic ‘not over’

By John Kanelis /

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy today told us a horrifying truth. The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, he told Fox News Sunday.

“We’re seeing increases in cases, particularly in parts of the country where the vaccination rates are low,” Dr. Murthy explained.

I’ll embellish a mere sigh with an anguished “arrrgghh!”

We now hear Facebook firing back at President Biden who blames social media platforms for spreading lies about the pandemic vaccines. I am going to stand with the president on this one.

There needs to be greater accountability among social media outlets and the disinformation they distribute. Such as the phony claims of danger posed by the vaccines. There can be no denying the link between the surge in cases and the fact that they are occurring in parts of the country where vaccination rates are low.

It ain’t happening in regions where vaccination rates exceed state and national averages.

Hmm. Is there a message to be learned? Uhh, yeah. Get vaccinated!

3 thoughts on “Pandemic ‘not over’”

  1. No comment on the Texas Democrats who flew on a jets sans masks and caused what is now being considered a Covid super spreader event ?

    Shameful and dangerous actions.

    Hypocrites who didn’t practice what they preached no?

    1. Victor – Fair enough I suppose and they were all immunized and the “breakthrough” phenomenon hadn’t really been known just a couple weeks ago. A “big deal” was made that someone brought beer on the plane too, which quickly became this “zinger” on the talking points. I have reached the point that even when in some sense I “agree” with anything a modern Republican does (except Cheney and Kinzinger), I really cannot agree, if that makes sense. So yeah, they didn’t wear masks and brought beer on the plane….my Personal Outrage Meter barely registers.???

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