Don’t know about a GOP in the future?


President Biden said today isn’t sure there will even be a Republican Party in existence by the time 2024 rolls around.

I’ve got a flash for him: I believe the GOP will exist in some form.

It is possible — if not probable — that it won’t resemble the Republican Party with which he worked as a U.S. senator and as vice president.

The GOP that Biden knows was able at times to work with Democrats, to find common ground. Republicans knew how to legislate, as does Biden.

The cult of personality that has replaced the once-great political party is, well, something quite different.

It will call itself the Republican Party, but it likely will be a “Republican Party In Name Only.”

One thought on “Don’t know about a GOP in the future?”

  1. If Biden keeps going, there will be more Republicans in the House and Senate than there are now in 2022.

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