Let’s talk about existential threats … OK?

By JOHN KANELIS / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

Among the reasons I have welcomed the presidency of Joe Biden is  the return of frank and open discussion by our head of state of existential threats to our nation and to Planet Earth.

Donald Trump called climate change a “hoax”; he said the same thing about the pandemic. He chose to ignore those subjects whenever he appeared in public, which was quite often given his penchant for self-aggrandizement.

President Biden has turned our attention toward issues that really matter. They present serious  threats to all of us.

Climate change? Biden is all in on efforts to combat the change in our worldwide climate. Do not tell me that the bitter cold wave that recently swept in over much of the nation, including Texas, puts the lie to the notion that our climate is changing.

President Biden at least is talking about developing cleaner energy sources, which will — make no mistake about it — produce jobs that could be lost from the fossil fuel industry.

The major beneficiary will be the planet. That’s a bad thing? I think not.

The pandemic? We are welcoming a third vaccine, from Johnson & Johnson. It’s a single-shot dose. It joins Pfizer and Moderna as vaccines that are inoculating millions of Americans each week. Again, Trump chose to downplay the sickness, misery and death that afflicted the nation. Joe Biden is talking openly about it, reminding us to not let up in taking safety measures to prevent infection. Did his predecessor issue such warnings? I cannot remember hearing those warnings fly out of Trump’s blow hole.

Human rights? Donald Trump wouldn’t dare talk about human rights abroad while proclaiming he and North Korea tyrant/despot/killer Kim Jong Un had fallen “in love.” At the very least we are hearing President Biden give needed lip service to the quest for human rights in places where human beings are enslaved, starved, abused by those in power.

Domestic terror? It exists in the form of white supremacists who, according to FBI Director Christopher Wray, pose the greatest existential threat of all to Americans. President Biden vows to attack it head-on and is saying so loudly.

These threats have been all but ignored for the past four years. They require laser focus from the president of the United States. I happen to believe President Biden is devoting the attention to all of them that they deserve.

One thought on “Let’s talk about existential threats … OK?”

  1. So full of missing Biden’s *** on this one.

    1. What are those that just lost their jobs going to do while waiting on the new “green” jobs? They aren’t there yet.

    2. There wouldn’t be ONE vaccine if not for Trump’s administration. I believe you were one that agreed with Democrats that there couldn’t be a vaccine developed within a 2 years, much less 1 year. Yet it happened. Biden even blundered and said there wasn’t a vaccine when he took office even though he’d already received it.

    3. Bowing to China by stating their culture is different. That’s how Biden explain the inhumanity taking place in China. Giving in to Iran? We know they truly believe in human rights! Must be their “culture”! LOL

    4. Where does ANTIFA fall? On yeh, it’s only a “myth” as city streets continue to be burned.

    I know, you’ll give a smiley face while saying I’m wrong. But can’t counter anything truly factual.

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