GOP continues to cower


Listen up, America.

Have we just witnessed a precursor to the verdict we can expect from the U.S. Senate that is putting Donald Trump on trial after his second impeachment by the House of Representatives?

I am afraid so. The Senate voted today to narrowly defeat a GOP measure to dismiss the trial on grounds that it isn’t constitutional. Five Senate Republicans joined Democrats in moving ahead. The vote was 55-45. The GOP senators with guts are: Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Pat Toomey and Ben Sasse.

The rest of ’em? All cowards. They are cowering under threat of reprisal by the Trump cultists in their home state who will go after them at the next election.

They contend that the Constitution calls for impeachment to remove a president. Donald Trump already is gone, they say, so the trial is irrelevant and is unconstitutional.

Oh, my. Forty-five out of 50 Senate Republicans want to give a pass to a president who fomented a riotous mob into violence on the Sixth of January. What in the world is wrong with these idiots, er … individuals?

The terrorists captured the very floor of the Senate, where our lawmakers do their jobs. They threatened to kill then-Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, only God knows who else might have been killed or wounded in action had the rioters had gotten their hands on them.

None of that is sufficient to persuade most GOP senators to proceed with a trial that should occur, if only at this point to keep Donald Trump out of the political scene … for the rest of his miserable life.

Stay tuned, folks. It looks to me as though a Senate trial conviction is slipping away.

6 thoughts on “GOP continues to cower”

  1. You are really clueless. In 6 days, Biden has drove America into the ground and your head is still up his ass. Pathetic.

    1. Pucker Up, you are absolutely amazing! When I was a little tyke, my g’father shot a chicken’s head half off, taking it’s brain with it. The chicken continued to run around as if nothing had happened. He continued living a normal life until my g’mother made my g’father finish him off. By some chance did you get shot in the head recently?

  2. “Donald Trump already is gone, they say, so the trial is irrelevant and is unconstitutional.”
    Both the crime committed AND the charge levied took place while Trump was in office. Because the Trial itself takes place outside that time zone should have no effect on it proceeding.

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