Biden moves quickly on pandemic fight


President Biden is wasting no time proving he means what he says about pulling out all the stops in fighting the killer pandemic.

The president today ordered 200 million more doses of the vaccine that is expected to help eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

This, dear friends, is music to my pointy ears.

Now, a bit of full disclosure.

A very close and dear member of my family has just been released from the hospital, where she spent four weeks, most of the time hooked up to a respirator. She now is resting at home with her husband and her golden Labrador retriever.

This is my way of telling you that this disease cuts me close to the quick and I am not going to relent one iota in following the recommended measures to maintain my own health, along with the health of our beloved family members.

President Biden said during his inaugural speech that we should wear masks and do all the things we need to do out of love for our country. I love my country, Mr. President! I hear you, sir!

I also want you to ensure the nation that you do not let up — not at all, not one bit! — in maintaining our national resolve to rid us all of this killer virus.

The death count passed the “horrific” status long ago. It is climbing as I write these words. It came too damn close to claiming someone who is very special to me.

Two hundred million more doses on the way? Yes! Bring more … many more!

2 thoughts on “Biden moves quickly on pandemic fight”

  1. Paraphrase: “There’s nothing we can do that will change the pandemic for the next few months”.

    Yeh, he’s on it. Just because he ordered two hundred million doses doesn’t mean they can be produced in a timely manner. Trump’s plan was already vaccinating around a million a day.

  2. Statement made in October.

    ‘We need consensus,’ and dictators rule by executive orders”

    How many more orders before you question how he’s leading? The next jobs report isn’t going to look good. Oh yeah, “they can make the solar panels”.

    What a crock of a plan. There is no way Biden is making these calls. They are way to left even for Biden. The Biden I used to hear about wouldn’t have destroyed thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen.

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