Short-timer’s calendar, anyone?


Any military veteran knows what a short-timer’s calendar is intended to do. Its role is to remind you how much time you have left until your next duty station … or when you can go home for good.

I kept one along the way during my two years in the Army in the late 1960s.

I am thinking now about starting a new one as we count down the days of the Donald Trump administration.

Spoiler alert: We have 49 days to go before President-elect Biden takes the oath and becomes President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

In just seven weeks, Donald Trump will be out of office. He will be a private citizen, but sadly will retain his Twitter megaphone, which I am certain he will use with reckless abandon. The good news, though, is that he can yap, yammer and blather all he wants as a Mar-a-Lago resident; it won’t matter one damn bit.

Yep, I think I just might start a short-timer’s calendar. Holy crap, man. I want this guy out of my face.


3 thoughts on “Short-timer’s calendar, anyone?”

  1. Thank You, John! With your permission, I’m going to start Thursday with 48. No comment other than the number on a solid green backhround.

  2. Still triggered! You know, you don’t have to read his tweets. That’s one of the luxuries we have. We can choose what we read or don’t read.

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