Is the POTUS going bonkers?

We hear this nonsense about Joe Biden’s mental acuity coming from political allies of Donald Trump.

It makes me laugh out loud. Why?

Well, Donald Trump — to my eyes and ears — is exhibiting some signs his own self of going slightly nuts. I do not mean to suggest he is certifiably nutty, or even that he has lost a step or three in the mental acuity department.

I do mean to ask out loud why Trump is fomenting conspiracy theories about “rigged” elections. Have you watched Trump speak at those rallies of late? The guy cannot craft a cogent message. He has yet to tell us what he intends to do in a (God forbid!) second term as president.

There have been some tell-all tales published of late that disclose reports of shady business dealings, of how the first lady and the first daughter cannot stand the sight of each other.

My goodness, I cannot keep up with the madness I am witnessing in the White House.

Trump is out of control. Just think that this is the guy in control of the nuclear launch codes.

But … his fans think he’s the bee’s knees. Go figure.

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