Yeah, but what about … ?

They call it “what about-ism.” It’s when someone makes a critical statement about someone and you respond with “what about” the time so-and-so did something worse.

Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden of being “against the Bible” and “against God.” That he wants to “hurt God.”

I want to revisit that idiocy for just a moment.

You see, that Donald Trump — of all people! — would say such a thing is laughable on its face … except that it isn’t funny.

Biden is a lifelong practicing Roman Catholic. Trump has no religious experience that anyone has been able to identify.

Then there’s this:

Trump has admitted to never asking for God’s forgiveness; he once had a one-night stand with a porn star (allegedly) and then paid her 130 grand to keep quiet about an event he said never occurred; Trump also boasted to a TV host that he grabbed women by their genitals because he was a “celebrity” and that his celebrity status enabled him to “move on them like a bit**.”

Trump’s assertion about the presumed Democratic Party presidential nominee must be judged for what it is: a cheap, tawdry political stunt.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, but what about … ?”

  1. Show me where he said he’s never asked for God’s forgiveness I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him, or his family, say he turned his life over to Christ several years ago.

    I do agree he shouldn’t have brought Biden’s faith into this. I have no doubt Biden is a good Christian man, that’s if he can remember.

  2. That was in 2016. I believe he has stated otherwise since. When I get a chance, I’ll see if I can find it. If I can’t, I’ll concede this one. I don’t believe any person can be a good Christian without asking for forgiveness. I know mine is daily.

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