Praying for and criticizing POTUS … we can do both!

A goofy social media meme showed up overnight on my Facebook feed that demands we do something at the exclusion of another thing.

It says that “instead of criticizing” Donald Trump over his mishandling of the response to the coronavirus pandemic that we should “pray for him.”

Well … these are not mutually exclusive activities.

I am going to do both, actually. I will to continue to look critically at the way Trump has botched the federal government’s response to the pandemic. I also will pray that he finally gets his sh** together sufficiently to save lives.

I believe in the power of prayer, in that I also believe that God answers our prayers. The answer might not always be readily recognizable in the moment. Let’s face the fact that the Almighty doesn’t send emails to us telegraphing the answer.

However, God also gives us sufficient cognitive and intuitive ability to make up our own minds on whether we should criticize those among us wield power. Donald Trump wields power and, thus, we are entitled to demand that he do so with wisdom and discernment.

The president is our head of government and our head of state. He is the nation’s chief governmental executive. He once boasted that “I, alone” can fix what ails the nation. You know, it’s not unfair to hold him to that foolish, feckless and futile bit of braggadocio.

Therefore, I will do so … while at the same time praying that this goofball president finally gets it.

One thought on “Praying for and criticizing POTUS … we can do both!”

  1. I doubt you have time to pray for him. You’re to busy getting your next article ready to bash him.

    When New York leaders were making making fun of Trump, he was warming them. Now you praise New York leaders and bash Trump.

    So far, all of Trumps warnings have been accurate. He shut down travel from China and you guys called him racist. Later, you said he should have stopped travel sooner. Wow!!

    You mocked him about the malaria drug. Guess what, the drugs are being fast tracked in studies and usage.

    How many times do you have to be wrong before you can admit it. You ask Trump to admit when he’s wrong, yet you can’t. Just a little (lot) hypocrisy.

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