Weinstein gets a ‘life sentence’ for his hideous crimes

Harvey Weinstein is 67 years old.

The one-time film mogul/talent finder today received a 23-year prison sentence after being convicted on two counts of sexual abuse.

That means, if Weinstein were to serve his entire sentence, he would 90 years of age when he’s released. Thus, what we have here is a virtual life sentence for the headliner criminal whose ghastly behavior helped give credence to the #MeToo movement.

That’s fine with me. Weinstein need not take another breath for as long as he lives as a free man.

The movement that his actions spawned is declaring victory today in the wake of the sentence handed down. The judge who presided over his trial noted correctly that although he was convicted for his “first crime,” this was not his “first offense.”

That made the sentence all the more justifiable, given that the prosecution asked for a 29-year sentence. It got virtually all it sought.

The #MeToo movement can now feel energized to keep up the pressure on powerful men everywhere who still think it’s OK to abuse those who answer to them.

B’bye, Harvey.