It’s done; now, bring on a full-throated campaign

It’s over.

The latest national nightmare is over. The U.S. Senate today acquitted Donald John Trump of abusing the power of his office and obstructing Congress.

It is an unsatisfactory ending for many millions of Americans; I am one who is unhappy with the outcome. Many millions of other Americans are happy to see Trump still standing as the current president of the United States.

Is there going to be fallout? Oh, sure.

Consider some of the chatter that developed today when Sen. Mitt Romney became the sole Republican to vote to convict Trump. Romney voted “guilty” on the abuse of power charge. The fallout is likely to occur when Trump lashes out at Romney. That’s the president’s modus operandi. He demands total loyalty. When he doesn’t get it he exacts revenge.

Trump “governs” through intimidation. Wonderful, yes? I guess it explains his bromances with international strongmen. He likes their style and seeks to emulate them here at home.

Those of us unhappy Americans, though, need to look forward. We have a presidential campaign looming out there. My fervent opposition to Trump is well-known to those who read this blog.

I still consider fundamentally unfit for this high office. I still consider him to be a danger to the republic. I am frightened beyond measure by what he is capable of doing now that he considers himself “exonerated” of all the charges brought against him.

He won’t express a scintilla of regret for making any mistakes that led to this somber and sober episode. He is likely to unsheathe his battle sword and gallop into battle, quite likely with help from at least one foreign government.

Despite the Senate trial outcome, I remain somewhat relieved that we’re done with this fight. Given the GOP fealty to Donald Trump, the conclusion surprised next to no one.

I am ready for someone to emerge as a legitimate challenger to this president who, in my humble view, needs to be defeated.