Pastor baffled by evangelicals’ support of Trump


Max Lucado is baffled.

The noted Christian pastor cannot understand the fixation that many evangelicals seem to have with Donald J. Trump.

Amen, preacher! So am I! So are a lot of us out here!

Trump’s support among evangelicals goes against the norm, said Lucado. Republican presidential nominees previously have had at least had a working knowledge of Christian theology, said Lucado.

Trump doesn’t have it. Nor does he have any semblance of a record devoted to doing the Lord’s work, Lucado writes.

Here’s what Lucado told National Public Radio, for example:

“I’m curious why we’re giving him a free pass on this behavior. Typically, evangelicals have tried to hold our leaders up, if they call themselves Christians, to a standard consistent with the faith and then of course consistent with whatever office they hold. But it seems like we’re more than willing to give Mr. Trump a free pass. The classic one was in Iowa when he was asked, ‘Do you ever ask for forgiveness of sins?’ and he said, ‘No, I don’t need to.’ I nearly fell out of my chair. That’s right at the heart and core of the Christian faith, that we’re all sinners, we all need forgiveness of sins.”

Here’s more of the interview:

I have run out of ways to explain away the rationale of voters this year. I join Pastor Lucado in the crowd of baffled observers who cannot comprehend how — and why — this election has taken this turn.

I’ll more to say — probably quite shortly — about how wrong I’ve been to date in trying to predict the unpredictable about this goofy election.

14 thoughts on “Pastor baffled by evangelicals’ support of Trump”

  1. Because they haven’t actually read the Gospels. And because their Christianity isn’t really about Jesus – it’s about what they think Jesus will give them. It’s a “Christianity” that is utterly selfish, and has nothing to do with taking up your cross and following Christ.

    They are authoritarians, and they embrace Christianity because they think it makes them better than other people.

    1. Where do you come up with this hog wash! !!
      You shouldn’t put every person who is able to think for themselves, works hard for what they have and wants to keep it (or decide how it’s spent instead of the government) in one basket of not being a true christain that lives for Jesus. Some so called christains are just bench warmers, but not all. There is nothing wrong with having things, or being rich. The problem comes when the things become the focus .
      I may ask you how you could support hillary ? She has made a career out of lying to whoever will listen, making questionable dealings with questionable foreign leaders to benefit herself (foundation). Cheated others out of whatever she can, wants to take yours and my freedoms away and give more power to the government. (Like that has worked so well in other countries ) leaving people to die to coverup her indiscretions (bengazi). Knowingly, Deleting conversations that would incriminate her. Then lying about it. She has proven herself to be “not trustworthy ”
      Not one ad this election is about what she is going to do for the people of this country, they are ALL negative smear campaigns. So this is the person you want to put in charge? Turn off CNN, NBC, CBS and all social media for once and read, study and think for yourself.

      1. Amen..well said! My question is have Christians not supported non Christian candidates forever? He has a Christian running mate and who is to say Trump want come to know Jeaus through all of this. My God given right is to vote and why would we not support Trump…Hillary is everything you said and worse. This article really bothers me. I don’t like judgement placed upon me,my relationship and judgement comes from the Lord!

        1. Reviewing Mike Pence’s theology leaves serious doubt that he qualifies as “Christian”.

  2. Judgment is on this nation. As a nation we have turned our backs on the Creator of all things.

  3. I read Sue’s comment with great interest. Sue acts as if all the negative things about Trump are invented and improvised only to make him look bad.


    The most effective smear campaign against Trump is being performed (or tweeted) by Trump himself. The best examples of a smear campaign are the imaginary scandals regarding the Clintons that have been kept afloat for 30 years as right wing talking points.

    I notice that when Sue recommended turning off CNN, NBC, CBS, and all social media that she conveniently omitted Fox News from this list.

    An honest mistake? I think not.

    Sue should sit back and consider the fact that her candidate is a caricature of an unqualified candidate. He possesses every negative quality available.

    Proudly. Without any apologies.

    Maybe Sue should read, study, and think for herself.

  4. so, Hillary is the “Christian” alternative. Gay marriage, abortion, lying constantly is fine, murder of Assange is acceptable, husband cheats multiple times and it’s OK( oh wait, forgiveness is good), how many of the 10 Commandments must she break before she is worse than Trump?

  5. Trump has very rough edges because he’s not a career politician nor is he coached & given debate questions to cheat! I’m surprised Trump is still alive! He’s not perfect but he’s all we have to save what little part of our country is left! Trump for President not perfect but better than Satan on the Liberal side!

  6. Go ahead and back Hillary but when she gets in and you can no longer speak of Jesus and the doors to your church are closed. Just remember you put her in office. Trump supports our God given rights.

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