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This was no ordinary home invasion

Omar Gonzalez is being charged with breaking and entering a Washington, D.C., home.

Not just anyone’s home, mind you. This was the White House. Home of the Leader of the Free World and his family. The place where monumental decisions have been made for a couple hundred years.

The Secret Service needs a thorough review of security for the president of the United States and his family.


Gonzalez sneaked onto the property, somehow got past security and was arrested inside the White House packing a knife.

President Obama and his family weren’t home at the time, so there was no immediate threat to anyone’s safety.

But how did the 42-year-old Iraq War veteran get in? How did the Secret Service — which is charged with protecting the first family — allow this individual to get past the highly trained security personnel?

David Axelrod, one of Barack Obama’s closest friends and advisers, called the break-in “shocking.” “This is really shocking,” he said. “I speak not only as someone who worked for the president, but he’s been my friend for a long time. … His kids were with him. I mean, this is really unfathomable and they really have to sit down and review all of their procedures,” he added, in reference to the Secret Service.

This isn’t the time to push the panic button. But holy mackerel! Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen again … ever.