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GOP lawmaker is sorry … for this?

Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner apparently had a soul mate in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Weiner, a Democrat, is now serving prison time for “sexting” underage girls. But lo and behold! Check out this item regarding Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Barton from right here in Texas.

According to The Hill:

Barton’s acknowledgement that he appears in┬áthe photo emphasizes that the women he was involved with in the past, one of whom may have shared the photo, were above the age of consent and willing participants.

“Each was consensual. Those relationships have ended. I am sorry I did not use better judgment during those days. I am sorry that I let my constituents down,” he continued.

The photo in question is of Barton’s, um, penis. It has been distributed on the Internet.

Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe …

You know about Weiner. He used the nickname “Carlos Danger” while sharing pictures of himself via Twitter during an earlier scandal.

The most hilarious part of Barton’s mea culpa, though, is this: He references having affairs with “other mature adult women.”

Do you get why I think it’s funny? He said in a statement that he fooled around with “adult” women and not — as it has been alleged about GOP U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama — with underage girls, children.

Man, oh man. This social media stuff seems to get ’em all.

Anthony Weiner … once more

So help me, I don’t know why I’m even remotely interested in Anthony Weiner.

But I am. Remotely interested, that is.

The former loudmouth New York Democratic congressman is facing a 21-month prison sentence for knowingly sending sexually explicit text messages to an underage girl.

This clown has destroyed his marriage to a brilliant political operative. He has shredded his own political career. He has made a mockery of himself and disgraced the New York congressional district voters who placed their trust in him to obey the law. Of the consequences mentioned here, I suppose the only one that gives me a mild case of regret is constituent trust he destroyed because of his shameful conduct.

Weiner is going to appeal his sentence. He ought to be thankful that’s all he got from the federal judge, Denise Cote. He could have faced a longer prison term. He’s also going to serve a three-year probationary period.

Here is now National Public Radio reported his sentencing.

Weiner made a bit of a national name for himself initially because he was such a gasbag while serving in the U.S. House of Representatives. There was a particularly bizarre moment on the House floor when congress members were debating the cost of health care for first responders. Weiner exploded in anger that some Republicans opposed spending the amount of money that Weiner wanted spent.

This guy’s “sexting” escapades eventually became part of the story involving his wife and her work with the Clinton campaign during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Whatever. He’s gone to trail. He’s been convicted. The judge has sentenced him to nearly two years in a federal lockup.

Please … now. Just go away.

‘Carlos Danger’ pleads guilty; now, goodbye

A part of me wants to feel a bit of compassion for former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Another part of me, though, resists that temptation.

Weiner, aka “Carlos Danger,” today pleaded guilty to sending sexually explicit text messages to a 15-year-old girl.

“Danger” fell off the wagon after he got caught sending messages and obscene videos to women. That earlier scandal forced him to resign from Congress. He went into hiding and then re-emerged in the “sexting” escapade.

The one-time Democratic hot-shot loudmouth — who used the Carlos Danger moniker while sending obscene texts and videos┬áas some sort of disguise — has been disgraced. I hope it’s for the final time. I no longer want to read about this guy, or get lured into┬ácommenting in┬áblog posts about him.

He once was married happily to Huma Abedin, one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most trusted advisers. Abedin filed for divorce — imagine that! — after the sexting matter became known.

Weiner could have faced a 10-year prison term. His guilty plea likely will result in a lesser sentence. He might not even serve any time behind bars.

I don’t really care if he spends time in the slammer. All I do care about is that he disappears from public view … for good!

Weiner saga getting weirder — if that’s at all possible


The hits just keep on coming for Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner.

New York state child protection authorities are now investigating whether the former Democratic congressman might have endangered his young son by putting him in a “sexting” picture that Weiner sent to a woman he had never met.

The picture shows the man known formerly to other women as “Carlos Danger” lying in his skivvies next to a boy thought to be the son he had with top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Abedin has left her husband, announcing a separation hours after the latest sexting reports were made public.

This story probably ought to just go away. Weiner ought to just disappear, never to be seen or heard from in the public domain ever again. Abedin ought to be able to go on with her life as a key aide and adviser to the Democratic presidential nominee.


It has captured the attention — if not the imagination — of many Americans. Why? Weiner once was considered a rising political star. He was a brash congressional loudmouth who then quit Congress when reports first surfaced of his penchant for showing off his manhood to women other than his wife.

Yes, I wish this clown would disappear.

First, though, New York state authorities need to determine if anything untoward occurred with this man and his son.

In the meantime, many of Americans — likely yours truly included, I’m sad to admit — will stay tuned to see how this story plays out.

I’m hoping to learn that nothing bad happened. That would save the youngster from a lot of pain. It also would save the rest of us from having to read about┬áthe boy’s┬áidiotic dad.


So long, Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner’s time in the political spotlight has been reduced to an hours-long countdown.

In less than a day, New York City voters are likely to hand the former Democratic congressman his walking papers and signal an end to his bid to become the Big Apple’s next mayor.

So long, Carlos Danger.


The rest of us out here in Flyover Country shouldn’t be concerned about Weiner. He once was a loudmouthed member of Congress, the body that writes federal law under which we all live. Then we learned that Weiner had been sending lewd text messages and videos of himself to women — none of whom is his wife.

He quit Congress in 2011.

Then he returned to the spotlight by announcing his campaign for mayor. Oops, then something bad happened yet again. We learned that Weiner hadn’t stopped the “sexting” after all, even after promising us he had stopped. He was using the “Carlos Danger” name to send the images to women — again, none of whom is his wife.

Weiner’s political fortunes plummeted. He’s now figuring to finish fourth in a field of Democratic candidates for mayor.

This entire episode has been an embarrassment for everyone. I’m even embarrassed writing about it, but it’ll be the final time I’ll comment on this man’s idiotic behavior.

New York is the most important city in the world, let alone America. It needs a mayor who is serious and who can be treated seriously. Anthony Weiner isn’t that man.

So long, Anthony.