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Oz does what? Concedes?

Mehmet Oz did something that in another time wouldn’t be cause for comment. The here and now, though, prompts a brief response.

Oz lost his race for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania to Democrat John Fetterman. What did Oz do? He conceded the race and called for unity!

Why is that worth a hats off? Because Oz had been endorsed by Donald J. Trump, but shied away from some of Trump’s more outrageous mantras, such as The Big Lie about voter fraud tainting the 2020 presidential election.

Oz, though, stayed on the high road. Fetterman defeated the Republican by about 5 percentage points. Unlike his political benefactor, Oz had the good taste and grace to do with losing candidates have done since the beginning of the republic. He conceded the contest to his opponent.

If only the Big Liar in Chief would follow that lead.


Headed to Land of Oz?

Pennsylvania’s Republican Party voters appear to be punching their tickets for a trip to the Land of Oz. God help them!

Mehmet Oz is leading — albeit barely — over Dave McCormick in the GOP primary balloting for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Pat Toomey, who is retiring.

I won’t spend a lot of time on this nonsense, given Oz’s lack of credentials or credibility. He got the endorsement from Donald J. Trump for reasons that have nothing to do with public policy. Trump likes celebrities, and Oz fits that description.

I consider Oz, once a practicing physician, to be a quack. Trump thinks he’s the greatest.

I am going to pull hard for Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who won the Democratic primary easily, to defeat the GOP winner. Whether it’s Oz or McCormick, it matters little. They’re both repugnant.

If it’s Oz, then Fetterman can start with the fact that Oz doesn’t even live in the state he wants to represent in the Senate. He’ll figure out the rest of it.


Liar endorses Quack? Wow!

Donald “Former Liar in Chief” Trump has given his “full and complete endorsement” for Mehmet “The Quack Doc” Oz in the race for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania.

The two are made for each other.

I won’t belabor the point about Trump, as you’ve heard enough from me about him. Oz, though, deserves a brief mention.

Oz has remained friends with Trump over the years. Indeed, Trump’s endorsement seems to rest chiefly on Oz’s TV career, something with which Trump has some familiarity. Oz also proclaimed Trump to be in “excellent health,” which Trump also values more than policy pronouncements.

‘Romney 2.0′: Trumpworld Implodes Over Ex-POTUS’ Endorsement Of Dr. Oz (msn.com)

I call Oz a “quack” because of his endorsement of a product he once said produced “miracle” medical results. No serious physician ever would proclaim any product to result in a “miracle” in human healing. It ain’t scientific, man!

Trumpworld reportedly has gone ballistic over the endorsement. Imagine that!