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Ex-DHS official gets serious threat

By JOHN KANELIS / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

Christopher Krebs has ample reason to examine whether he should take legal action against a member of Donald Trump’s legal team who exhibited incredibly crass tendencies in threatening Krebs’s well-being.

Trump fired Krebs from his Homeland Security post for declaring that the presidential election was the most secure in history; Krebs’s statement runs counter to the phony narrative Trump is promoting that the election that declared Joe Biden the winner is “rigged” and “fraudulent.” Trump hired Krebs to lead DHS election security network; he did his job and then declared what most of us knew already, that the election was safe and secure.

Then we hear from Joseph DeGenova, a former federal prosecutor who now works for Trump’s campaign. DeGenova said Krebs should be “drawn and quartered and shot.” Where I come from, that sounds like a direct threat to someone’s well-being.

Equally horrifying is that Trump hasn’t condemned DeGenova’s hateful message.

Krebs now is keeping all his legal options open. He also would be wise to sleep with one eye open at night. Does anyone at this point really think that some crazed Trumpkin isn’t capable of taking DeGenova’s idiocy seriously?

This is a disgraceful epilogue to a free and fair election.

Revenge firings … that’s what they are!

By JOHN KANELIS / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

Donald John Trump has taken the “art” of revenge firing to a despicable new low.

The outgoing president of the United States decided to fire the man he hired to make our election more secure for — are you ready for this? — declaring that the 2020 presidential election is the safest and most secure in U.S. history.

What’s more, Department of Homeland Security official Christopher Krebs got word of his firing via Twitter, which is Trump’s modus operandi for issuing these policy pronouncements.

All Krebs did was issue a statement that runs diametrically counter to Trump’s narrative, which is that President-elect Biden won the election because it is “rigged.” Trump is hollering about “widespread voter fraud” where none exists. Krebs had the temerity to say as much in his statement to the world.

So now he’s gone. Trump has hired another lackey to take Krebs’s place … and the phony narrative will continue to fester on the public stage.

Hey, I realize I said I would concentrate on Joe Biden’s developing presidency rather than worry about what’s left of Trump’s term in office. I just cannot let this shameful example of vengeance go unnoticed. So there.

Why block a bill to make elections more secure?

This one baffles me, man.

Robert Mueller told the world this week that Russian hackers attacked our electoral system in 2016 and are doing so again in advance of the 2020 presidential contest.

Then came legislation in Congress designed to secure our election system against such attacks. What does the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, do? He blocks it! No can do, said McConnell, calling the legislation a too-partisan effort aimed at helping Democrats.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, the president whose campaign benefited from the Russian attack in 2016, is silent.

Mueller declared categorically that the Russian attack was not the “hoax” that Trump called it. He said “every American” should be concerned deeply about the safety and sanctity of their electoral system. He said the Russians did so specifically to assist Donald Trump’s campaign and to do harm to the campaign of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A bipartisan measure in Congress has now run into the McConnell buzzsaw, with the majority leader contending it is too political.

Wow! What am I missing?

According to CBS News: “One bill McConnell objected to would have required the use of paper ballots and provided funding for the Election Assistance Commission. He also objected to legislation that would have required campaigns and candidates to report offers of election-related aid from foreign governments.”

Why in the world doesn’t the president simply insist that the majority leader let this bill become law, let it go to the White House so that he could sign it into law?

Wouldn’t those measures, presuming they are built to secure our system against future attacks, help quell the concern? It seems that is the easiest course Trump could take.

But, no-o-o-o! He is insisting on dragging this out, with help from his boy, McConnell.

The chaos continues at full throttle.