Immigration reform = family values

Remember the early 1990s when “family values” became a mantra for politicians seeking to return to the core values of our nation?

Vice President Dan Quayle once chided the TV character “Murphy Brown” for having a child out of wedlock. The debate was joined.

Two decades later, the term “family values” has taken a new turn. It became part of President Barack Obama’s pitch to fix a broken immigration system.

The president’s pitch is nearly perfect.

Obama went on national TV today to tell the nation he would sign an executive order that keeps families together. Mom and Dad may have entered the nation illegally, but brought their children along when they were small — or perhaps bore their children in this country, an act that gave the kids instant U.S. citizenship.

The president’s order defers the deportation of some 5 million illegal immigrants. His aim, among other things, is to keep families together. Obama told the nation that it’s impractical to deport all those who came here illegally. Must we deport their children? And what about those children who are citizens simply by virtue of their birth in the United States of America?

This won’t deter Republicans from challenging the president. The new Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner are vowing unspecified actions to fight the president’s action.

Well, let’s have that fight and let’s allow the public to decide whether it’s right to separate families, or to uproot entire families after they’ve found a better life in the Land of Opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Immigration reform = family values”

  1. I have never agreed with you more.The fools don’t understand that it is impossible, unfeasible, impractical, etc. to remove the undocumented from our county. The cost would be astronomical IF we could find the people to drive the incredible number of buses it would take. notwithstanding the number of guards, cops, etc. that would have to be on each bus. Only deluded fools could think this possible.

    The only answer is to work out fair procedures to let them stay here and continue to contribute to our economy and to our communities as they do now. Many already pay taxes with Taxpayer I.D. forms they easily obtain from the IRS. Yes, the IRS. During George Bush’s tenure, all my undocumented friends moved quickly to put away the $5,000 each to pay the fine to be required under that legislation. These people will do almost anything to stay in this country. They already endured many hardships just to get here.

    Their contributions to our economy are enormous. Their children attend our schools at every level. If they were documented they could get good jobs and contribute significant taxes to our country.

    We are shooting ourselves in the foot by the stance of the anti-immigrant Americans. We are also exposing our hypocrisy to the rest of the world. We are acting shamefully for a nation that “calls” itself a Christian nation!

    Claudia Stravato

  2. My 4 Great Grandparents were all immigrants. They did not do anything to earn legal immigration status except show up at the dock, appear young and healthy and be carrying just enough money to purchase boat fare. They helped make the USA the great nation it is today. They fought in wars and raised children and Grandchildren that fought in wars. They worked hard, paid taxes, produced food and were good neighbors and citizens. I’m grateful for immigration.

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