Eclipse enthralled us all

Few pictures I have snapped over the years have filled me with the pride of the one I am showing with this brief blog post.

On the Eighth of April, 2024, we in North Texas got a lifetime thrill when the moon traveled in front of the sun and gave us this view. It lasted a little more than four minutes.

To be honest, I awoke that morning dreading what I believed would happen. That we would be blanketed by heavy cloud cover. The weather forecasters were talking the previous night about rain falling on us in the D/FW area.

I looked outside and saw a clear sky with the sun rising in the east … just like it’s supposed to do!

The day progressed and the clouds kinda/sorta rolled in. They were spotty. Plenty of breaks in them as they traveled overhead.

I had my eclipse-viewing glasses at the ready. I looked up and saw the edge of the moon starting its path across the sun.

The rest is history. I was so glad and thrilled to be able to witness it as it occurred.