RFK Jr. has gone bonkers

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s butter has slipped off its noodles … to borrow a phrase I heard long ago to question someone’s mental capacity.

RFK Jr., who once professed great admiration and affection for Joe Biden, now says the president is a greater threat to democracy than the presumed Republican presidential nominee, aka POTUS No. 45.

What the hell has Junior — an independent candidate for president — been swilling?

It is the former Moron in Chief who says he would become a dictator on his first day in office if — God forbid! — he’s elected this fall. The Former Guy is the one who’s pals with dictators around the world, calling them “sharp” and “strong leaders” and wishing he could rule with the same iron fist.

RFK Jr., to say it bluntly, is a disgrace to the name he carries … that of his late father. Something deep inside me tells me Bobby Kennedy would be aghast at the garbage pouring out of his son’s pie hole.

One thought on “RFK Jr. has gone bonkers”

  1. RFK knows what he all know, BIDEN IS INCOMPETENT!!!
    And, stop the lies about dictator quote. You know damn well that’s not what he said!!

    More bashing and no reasons to vote for Biden.

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