Belief turns to hope

It saddens me terribly to say what I am about to say … but my belief in Joe Biden’s re-election is turning into more of a hope.

President Biden clearly is the superior candidate who appears set to face the moron he defeated in 2020. This crap about his age and his mental acuity, though, appear to taking a toll on his standing.

And … what in the world is the apparent alternative? An idiot who’s just a couple of years younger and who, in my mind, presents an existential threat to our very democratic republic. What’s more, we also have the former POTUS making more than his share of blunderbuss statements, such as suggesting Joe Biden will lead us into “World War II.” Spoiler alert: We fought that one already — and won!

A special counsel looking into whether President Biden broke any laws when some White House documents showed up in his home has fanned the old-age flames with language that suggests that the president is an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

All of this — plus the president’s borderline bizarre reaction to it — is playing into Republicans’ hands.

I never thought Joe Biden’s tenure as president would be threatened by the guy he walloped four years ago.

Until now!