Continuing relief from the grind

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Believe this or not, but I am finding it harder each day to get back to the “grind” of commenting on matters dealing with politics and public policy.

This westward journey I have undertaken has allowed me a respite from all of that and encouraged me to comment on the sights Toby the Puppy and I are seeing as we tour the western half of this great nation.

That’s what I have concentrated my energies for the past week. It is where I likely will continue to zero in on as the journey continues.

I’ll be back home in North Texas eventually. I figure to put several thousand more miles on the pickup I am driving. There will be more natural splendor to absorb. It’s the kind of adventure I remain absolutely certain my bride, Kathy Anne, would want me to enjoy.

And so … I will.