Needing to focus

Focus is the name of my game these days as I continue my journey from the darkness of mourning the loss of my bride.

Therefore, I have taken aim at some projects around the house and, of course, on my upcoming trek out west to the Pacific Ocean. I am finding immediate relief from the intense pain that flares without warning.

Kathy Anne would insist I stay busy, that I get on with living. I intend to follow her edict, which she actually delivered to me in no uncertain terms many years ago.

I decided to hire a lawn care firm to help me with the grass. It was a job I usually did myself, but I took the plunge today and sought to get a little help from a landscaping pro. Hey, he’s going to lop off 50% off the first treatment. Can’t go wrong with that, you know?

But as I usually do when road trips loom, I have plotted out a course and an approximate itinerary for when I intend to arrive at stops along the way. Those arrival dates are subject to change, given that I have nothing but time on my hands when I hit the road.

All of this is my way of acknowledging what I have been advised to do by friends and family members: Get busy and stay busy … and keep my mind occupied.

Copy that.

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